Sunday, October 04, 2009

View From South Point

We took a drive out to Punta Sur the other day. Luis and Ashley had not yet been out there. Plus it has been quite a while for me as well. They went up to the top of the lighthouse so I gave Luis my camera to take some shots.

The view down to the sculptor garden. It now costs 30 pesos to walk out there. To see pieces of rusted metal and a fake Mayan ruin. I do love how he caught the rain in the distance.

Looking north, back towards my house.

They have been working on renovations to South Point for quite some time now. To say the least, progress is slow. The little palapa is long since gone. It looks like they may be replacing it with a much bigger one. (to get blown away in the next hurricane?) These support poles are in place. Already starting to get covered with graffiti. Nice.

The iguana population is making a comeback out there. I thought this guy was just asking to have his picture taken!


lisa said...

Awesome pictures, I do pickles but this year we didn't get in the cukes to do this year, maybe next!

Anonymous said...

Blogging on a Sunday?!?
Tell Lisa I'd like to see her do pickles.

Steve Cotton said...

I wonder if the iguana was luring sharks on land -- for more mischief?

Diane said...

Can't wait to see this view in person in January -- great pics, Wayne, thanks!

Diane said...

Great pictures!