Friday, October 02, 2009

As Seen From The Car Ferry

I love taking pictures from the top of the car ferry. Here's the latest batch.

Passing by Sergio's Playa Sol.

I thought we were going to hit this boat. It just sat there as we approached. It finally moved out of the way.

But not until almost the last second!

That monstrosity, Priveledge Aluxes, in the background. Dominating the entire sky line and view.

The lighthouse. For a small fee, you can go to the top. I've never been up there. Just never think about it.

I wonder why, if I hate this place so much, I keep getting it in my pictures? Maybe because it is so hard to avoid.

Fishing boats.

The "marina" just behind the gas station.

I took this photo about 3 seconds too soon. Just after I pushed the shutter, those 4 boys on top of the boat dove in.

A look at the confiscated fast boats from the water side.

So there you have it. Just another car ferry ride from the mainland.


Tulum Living said...

Well, that certainly is one way to travel. Thanks for the pics. I cannot wait to get up that way one of these days.

Jamqueen said...

Thanks for sharing--I love looking at photos around the island--esp. now that it's cold ( in the 30's) up here!

Life's a Beach! said...

I didn't realize that monstrosity was SO big. The beaches and El Centro look so quiet now in your new photos. Thanks for the views from the water!

KfromMichigan said...

Great photos .. Thanks .. I'll be in Cancun on Thursday .. yippee! Beach, Sand, Blue water, relax with a cold SOL!

Anonymous said...

I love taking pictures of the car ferry - I take at least one picture every trip of that stupid car ferry - but for some reason I just can't not take the picture - I love it.

Jackie said...

I agree with anonymous about can't help taking photos of the car ferry. Last trip I think I really tried not to but did take a video of it.
You can’t avoid getting the PA condos in your photos because you can see them from everywhere. Ruins the whole skyline when coming in or leaving on the ferry.

Calypso said...

confiscated fast boats - por que?

Great water you have there amigo!

lagovistajenn said...

I didn't know you could go up in the lighthouse. I am gonna have to do that next time I am there. Probably can't see that much anymore thanks to Aluxes.