Wednesday, October 14, 2009


These baskets filled with rocks run the entire length of the malecon downtown. They are supposed to disperse the energy of incoming waves, especially during a hurricane.
Hopefully they will not get put to the test anytime soon!


lisa said...

For your and everyone else's, I hope it isn't put to the test either!

Jamqueen said...

Here's hoping no hurricanes this year! That's all you would need on top of bad economy, etc. Will think good thoughts!

Todd said...

Some times it is just a matter of seeming to be doing something rather than being effective.

Remember in the 50's at school, if the atomic bomb hit, all you had to do was duck under your desk and cover your head.


Pawel said...

Hmm... We don't have those in Cozumel. I hope it's not the reason we got pounded in such a big way by the last hurricane.

Pawel from
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Anonymous said...

Actually, they work quite well. Talk to me after the next 'cane.

O Robert