Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poll Results

Well, the poll has closed and the results are in. I was glad to see that so many of you agreed with me. There were some very good points made in the Comments section from those of you who didn't agree with me.

A whopping 84% of you didn't like being hassled by waiters and streets vendor either. The results for Dislike and No Opinon were so small that they didn't even show up as a percentage. Thirty-three of you voted in that category.

Even though I don't like being hassled, I have grown tolerant of it. I realize that this guys (and gals) are only doing their job and trying to make a living. If they need to act like carnival barkers in order to achieve that, then so be it.

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1st Mate said...

I didn't vote (I was away during the poll) but the thing I disliked most about Cabo San Lucas in 1997 was the guys stopping us on the street, even in the crosswalk! trying to sell us timeshares, boatrides, other stuff we wouldn't even hold still long enough to find out about. It was worst in CSL but happened a lot in Nuevo Vallarta (not so much in Old PV). Seems to be a coastal thing. Really bad salesmanship, but it must work or they wouldn't still be doing it, would they?