Friday, October 16, 2009

My Buddy

Simon is approaching his 3rd birthday. He mostly gives me great joy. But there are times! My other cat is really old and a fussy eater. Not Simon. If it smells like food, looks like food and is on his plate, he'll eat it.

Wherever I am, Simon will either be close by, on my lap or rubbing against me, begging to have his cheeks rubbed. I consider myself to be mostly a dog person, but I wouldn't trade my Simon boy for anything!

Asking to have his cheeks rubbed.

Leaning against my leg for security.

If he's not on my lap, he's always right at my feet.

Sometimes he totally forgets I'm alive though! Zonked out in his favorite position!


Arizona Kelly said...

Love that first pic of him wanting his cheeks rubbed. The rest of the photos show that Simon has clearly not missed a meal lately and is getting, ummm, how do I saw this politely.... a smidge pudgy!

Sue said...

Simon is a beautiful cat. Funny how they all have their individuals personalities - Miguel is constantly commenting on that, as he did not grow up with animals inside the house or as pets. Maya is a lot like your Simon - she loves the floor at Miguel's feet. He calls her his 'gato perro'.

Steve Cotton said...

I is always interesting to see bloggers' pets. They say a lot about us.

jeanie said...

Simon is adorable! Thank you for sharing him with us.

lisa said...

He's a beautiful cat!

Robert said...

simon is certainly personality plus!! what a great looking boy and i must agree with kelly, a bit pudgy as we all might be. revbob

Anonymous said...

I have a Simon clone, named Fatty Catty .... whose demeanor is the same ... dunno what I'd do without him. As the name implies, no meal escapes his glance, either.....

O Robert

Islagringo said...

AZKelly: Actually, he is quite stocky and muscular. He has that extra tummy skin that neutered cats get is all. And yes, he does like his food!

Sue: "gato perro"! I love it!

Steve: true, but remember, I did not go out and choose Simon. He found me.

Jeanne: my pleasure.

Lisa: for his being a wild island cat of unknown origin, he did turn out ok.

Roberto: personality plus brains. I hid and jumped out at him once. Now he constantly does it to me!

Anonymous said...

And here he is..!/Users/admin/Desktop/Fatty Catty.jpg

O Robert

Anonymous said...

What a nice-looking cat! I love Seal Pointe Siamese, and he looks part... does he 'talk' a lot?

Jajaja!!! Cat-dog! anyone remember the cartoon?

aka Isla Chica
aka in Frickin Freezin Michigan

1st Mate said...

Such a handsome fellow. And I especially like that he chose you, he must have very good taste in humans.