Monday, September 14, 2009

Zipolite Revisited

A few days before we were due to leave the Huatulco area, our realtor there told us about some property (lots) that he had for sale in Zipolite. We really like the laid back ambiance of that little village and decided to go have a look. Just to be nosey!
Unfortunately, there had been heavy rains in that area recently and we were not able to get down the dirt road leading to the lots. Wash outs bigger than my Pointer could handle. I suppose it was for the best though. It would have been mighty tempting!
We drove back down to the village and decided to have lunch before heading back to the condo. We chose a place that advertised wood fired pizza and walked into the grounds. Imagine our surprise when the manager came out to greet us and it was somebody we know! It was a guy who had lived on Isla for awhile, that we knew well enough to greet by name but would not really call a friend. He, like many before him, just disappeared from the radar one day. We wondered what had happened to him and know we knew!
Sitting on the terrace of the front restaurant, this was our view of the beach.

Back behind us, where we had entered, was this row of little rooms. Each had a "courtyard", complete with every man's favorite form of a lazy enjoyment! Remember, this place caters mostly to Europeans and backpacker types. They would love the being able to visit with your neighbor closeness of this.
Although advertised out front, pizza was not on the menu when we got there. It was an evening only offering. It would be cooked in this wood fired oven though. Very popular in Huatulco and environs.

They had a small but cutely laid out bar.

After lunch we decided to take a stroll on the beach. One last look at this marvelous area.
This is a very famous landmark in Zipolite. The rock with the hole in it. Original name, don't you think!

I hadn't noticed this the first time we were there. Instructions on the meaning of the warning flag colors.

Some of the resorts that line or are above the beach.

As we were leaving, I spotted this very unusual palm in the front garden. I think it has a pretty good defense system!

I did do a panoramic shot of the west end of the beach. Do you see that big cactus sticking out above the green? Just behind it is the lot we were trying to view. It has views back down the entire beach of Zipolite and then the Pacific coast the other way. Sure wish we had gotten a chance to see it and the views it offered.

So this post ends our trip to Huatulco. I would highly recommend this area to anybody to visit. There are plenty of beaches and outdoor activities to keep everyone satisfied. The area is seriously lacking in night life though. There are bars and nightclubs but they are either very expensive with a cover charge or so loud you don't want to go in. We did find a really nice one right downtown though. Red Pool Hookah Bar. It features specials every night, good music not played at a volume to kill your eardrums and......pool tables! Look it up if you are in the area.
I really hope that you have all enjoyed going along on my vacation as much as I have enjoyed taking you!


Arizona Kelly said...

That crazy looking palm is a Madagascar Palm, according to Bob. I have one that is only about 10" tall and had no idea they get that big. Very cool! I've sure enjoyed your adventures around Mexico :)

See you soooooon!

Babs said...

Thanks for sharing. I WANT to go there. What were the temps at this time of the year?

john said...

I like the palapa lodgings. They look unpretentious and comfortable. Maybe I'll get down that way someday.

The Madagascar Palm is known in Mexico by its latin name--pachypodium. The palms of my hands give ample evidence of their defense systems. They get lovely blossoms followed by banana-sized seed pods.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks for taking us on your adventure! We've been thinking about doing some exploring on the west coast of Mexico. I think you should have parked the car and waded through the mud to see that lot! It's going to haunt you! : )

Nancy said...

It was great to get to see this area through your eyes. I like the way you write and there is always a photo to help tell the story.

Calypso said...

Loved all the reports and photos - a job well done.

Great horno by the way - did you ever try the pizza from it?

Mary said...

thanks for sharing your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing, your wonderful journey with us!

Islagringo said...

AZKelly: I hope you have it a safe spot. You are not going to ever want to transplant it!

BABS: high 80's and killer humidity to match.

John: they had other, more private rooms available also. I really liked that palm also.

LAB: you are so right. I already regret it!

Nancy: thank you

Calypso: thank you. I didn't have pizza from that oven but I had it from other ones in the area. No denying that pizza cooked in an open wood oven is the best.

Mary: thank you

Anonymous: thank you

Anonymous said...

Well we already miss you here in Huatulco and think of all the laughs we shared over a beer or margaritas..or even a shot of tequila which as you know is not exactly my favorite! I am glad you are home safe and can hardly wait for your return! Maybe Ernie and I can get down your way sometime this next year. Keep in touch! Clay and Ernie!