Monday, September 28, 2009

Where To Next?

B asked me an interesting question the other day. He wanted to know if there is anyplace else in Mexico that I would like to go spend a month. Mmmm.

We have been to all but 3 of the Mexican states; Sonora, Coahuila, and Nuevo Leon. All border states with the USA that I have no desire to visit. Many places we have been to already come to mind. Mazatlan, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, La Paz Puebla and Jalapa to name a few. But do I really want to spend a whole month there?

I'm torn between wanting to be near an ocean and the desert highlands. I love the high desert, but we need water. Or at least a pool! And some form of night life. Someplace to go, have a beer, meet new people, just hang out. Places to visit that are nearby and interesting.

Anybody have any ideas for me?


norm said...

I spent a week in Palenque once, it was not enough, a month might be too much.

Sandia said...

How about Tepotzlan near Cuernavaca? Magical place...neat market place...some say there are magical healing powers in the mountains there! And you could always take the bus into Cuernavaca [the "city of eternal spring"]to see the botanical gardens and Cortes' palace [with a Diego Rivera mural inside]

Arizona Kelly said...

You can't exclude whole states just because they touch the border! If you will reconsider Sonora then you could come up and spend part of the time with us. We're only 3 hours NOB. And we have a pool!

Leah Flinn said...

Xico is a quaint little town near Xalapa in the mountains, very beautiful scenery. I could spend a month there. I haven't been to too many places yet in Mexico, but I would like to go to Oaxaca City and Puerto Escondido.

Babs said...

R U Kidding? Get thee to San Miguel. See San Miguel and then use it as a hub to explore the area. Even in the summer, its a little cool for a pool, but we have lots of hot springs all around town that are wonderful - any time of year. AND they're supposed to be "healing". All of us (and there are quite a few) bloggers would wine anddine ya'll.
Come on over.

Anonymous said...

morelia or puebla. i enjoy mexico city and could stay there a month

el oso

Nancy said...

I was going to suggest Tepotzlan, too. Our son and his wife just bought a lot there and will probably be building by next summer so Paul and I will spend some time over there, too.

But the area is beautiful, Cuernavaca is close and DF always has a ton of interesting stuff to do.

Larry in Mazatlan said...

Xalapa is a pretty city. Maybe give Mazatlan a try, starting in late October after the humidity drops off. Miles of open, empty and clean beaches; especially if you stay away from the gringo beaches and inhabit those frequented by the Nationals. The two month cultural festival starts in late October too, and there will be lots to see, hear and enjoy.

Brenda said...

Talk about discrimination!!!!!
Sonora is a great state.
Too bad you are missing out on it just because it borders on the USA.
Oh well, just more for us to enjoy.

Jackie said...

I have heard that Palenque is beautiful. But can you not expand and go to Belize or Guatemala? You have been to Costa Rica so maybe another Central American country needs to be explored.
Do an actual poll like Steve and Theresa have done. Let us vote on your next extended vacation spot. Wait, is it really a vacation when you are retired?

Jonna said...

Why stay in Mexico? How about Antigua Guatemala? Or Buenos Aires Argentina? They'd be on my short list.

lisa said...

I don't think I would like to be away from home for a month! I love to visit beautiful places but for a month? Nawww

Todd said...

Life is good here in Patzcuaro.
The colonial highlands and all the arts and crafts villages and beautiful scenery!

It use to be an 8 hour drive to the beach but since the new cuota was put in a few years ago the drive to the beach at Ixtapa/Zihua is less than 3 hours.

The best of both worlds right here!


Islagringo said...

norm: been there twice now. I can't imagine a whole month there.

sandia: worth checking out.

AK: Sonora has never been purposely excluded. We just never went that far north.

Leah: been to Xico and the waterfalls nearby. Except for Jalapa, the whole area is a bit too primitive.

babs: SMA is definitely on the list

anonymous: i did not like Morelia at all. Puebla is nice. DF is also on the short list.

nancy:i'll check into it.

Larry: Maz is on the short list too. I really like Old Town. And there is a Dairy Queen!

Brenda: you know me better than that! Sonora, or any state, has never been purposely avoided. Just never got north of Los Mochis.

jackie and jonna: for now, we want to stay in Mexico.

lisa: that's because you have a farm to take care of. wait until you retire.

todd: been to Patz. It was ok but lacking in the social area of things to do. Other than maybe have a cafecito along the square. And your fellow Patz blogger doesn't paint a very nice picture of the area.

Billie said...

Wayne, I'm with Babs. I think you would have lots to do in and around SMA. And you already have friends here.

Paul said...

Tepotzlan is a good choice. Or perhaps Colima. Also Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Steve said...

Try Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit. Plenty of clean beaches, many secluded, and lots of on-shore options. Like the Caribbean, you'd never see it all in a lifetime.

Robert said...

as a frequent visitor to nayarit, i will second steve's suggestion. i reccommend san francisco or sayulita as options. and, if you really need night life puerto vallarta is just an hour away. revbob

Alice said...

I am from Coahuila so if you choose to visit I can give you some tips. However, I wouldn't recommend one whole month there, would be boring. You can combine Coahuila and Nuevo Leon and go to the sand dunes, deserts, pine forests, mountains, the pozas from Cuatro Cienegas, thermal baths, a big city (Mty), maybe do some outdoor sports and eat loads of meat and cabrito (unless you're vegetarian).

Todd said...

Awww, you have to understand.
The other blog who you reffer to is a notorious curmudgeon, and rather proud of it.

He feels the rest of us have an unrealistic view of mexico.
On that he may be right.

I have always made an effort to interpret the world to fit the sunny outlook I have on life. To me a pessimist is someone who is too lazy to bend the world to his own ideal

In the world of glass half full/ half empty, I am the guy saying "even that empty glass is a damn fine glass"!

jhop said...

I haven't a clue for nightlife, but for waters, El Carrizal in Veracruz state is lovely and just down the road from Xalapa. You can do the termas, visit Xalapa (the road over the summit is amazing) and Xico and Coatepec (I'm thinking you'll have more options in Coatepec for nightlife than Xico) and pop over to Veracruz for nightlife. You're also just down the road from (blanking on the name - the ruin where Cortes made his alliance against the Aztecs...) Zempoala, which is interesting. You can also pop up to Palantpa and Poza Rica for culture and vanilla. And you have the Huasteca and fresh seafood of the Emerald Coast. We spent 3 months there exploring that particular area.

Otherwise, I'd center on the Guad area; you have termas in Villa Corona (also lodging) and nightlife in Guad, lots to explore in the area (Tequila is interesting) and you can pop over to Teacapan for a laid-back fishing village with wonderful fresh seafood.

Then, there is the whole Oaxaca City and San Cristobol area with Monte Alban, coffee plantations, culture, nightlife in both cities (right?) but I've not been there, so I'm not sure about waters.

have you been to La Paz BCS? Or San Felipe BCN? Both on the water with amazing chocolate mountains and the Bahia de Concepcion between them. Oh, and whales at Ojo de Liebre (Scammons, right, Jonna?).

Zacatecas is another spot we tried to spend a night and ended up there a month. July is the month of International Forloric Festival and Jerez (just north? of Zacatecas) is a lovely little town with La Quemada (I think?) Aztec ruin (most spectacular setting of all the Mexican ruins we've been to) closeby. Not sure about waters there though. You might be out of luck, though Aguascalientes is close enough - Idrove there easily from Zac and back in a day (with lunch and waiting for UPS to open).

CuatroCienegas is interesting but pales in comparison to our waters and the town is small and really, it is the only jewel in the area, but if you're headed up that way, definitely worth a trip.

How about San Carlos (right?) with the twin goat peaks? I have a feeling I have the name wrong. It is Sonora but with all the expats it must have a nightlife and definitely waters.

Crap, Jamie's logged in here. This is Kathy (hopalog)

jhop said...

I have to say, Tepotzlan just didn't do much for me. The monastery was interesting and the Oly training area (Oactepec?) was fun, but not a month's worth...

Anonymous said...

I think you should come back to Huatulco and explore more of that area around Zipolite! We would love to see you again!
Clay Nobles
Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca MX