Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Quick Break

We took a drive around the island the other day. It was hot, to say the least. Just past Garrafon el Castillo on the west side of the island, sits this little restaurant, punched into the hill. Look for the sign El Pueblito.

The were advertising a pretty good special so we decided to stop and get refreshed. Notice that the sign advertised guacamole as part of the special.

You enter this place by walking up some steps, with tables set out at various levels. The main area, however, is under a palapa. A hot, stuffy, no air moving at all palapa. The bar area is kind of cute though.

They've spared no expense with tropical decorations. Dolphins from hell.

They do have a cute beggar on staff though. She will actually jump onto your lap, unbidden.

There is also this historical marker. A very NOB type thing to have on display.

The view is nice from here though. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

Remember the guacamole? It never came. What we got instead was this pile of crap that the waiter told us was nachos. It looked like bean soup with some tortillas. Tasted like it too.

The beer was cold. The view was pleasant. The place was hot, stuffy and sticky. There were no fans, overhead under the palapa or otherwise. The wait staff was great. Friendly, efficient and attentive. But would I go stop there again? Probably not.


Jackie said...

I have not eaten there since Wilma. The owners have changed a couple of times I think since then. I have heard some good reviews about their coconut shrimp and onion rings. You are right the view is fabulous. I have several photos of it.

Nancy said...

We had a great experience there. The guacamole was very good, and in addition I tried the sopa azteca and a mango liquido. We felt very peaceful as we sat and enjoyed the view while listening to beautiful instrumental music.

However, I have to admit those "nachos" look funky. Definitely not what I would want if I was hungry for guac & chips. If I was hungry for bean soup & chips, then maybe...if I ate quickly. Did you ask where the guacamole was?

Jamqueen said...

We ususally stop there when out for a ride. That cat....is an attack cat! One time we stopped with 6 friends--sat down & that cat was lurking; all of a sudden it leapt onto the chest of one of the women, dug it's claws in & then jumped off! We still joke about it!

Life's a Beach! said...

We stopped for the beer and guac deal in 2006 and it was okay. What they brought you, I'm not sure I would have paid for it!

I've never gotten over the change in ownership. I used to love going there when the local family ran it and they had the best enchiladas verde on the island. And her guac was outstanding! Back then, I think we got our entire meal for two for 100 pesos.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you don't need to go off-island to discover new places!

IslaZina said...

A few more minutes and they could have called it chilaquiles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Wayne... what's NOB?

Those chips look disgusting!


Arizona Kelly said...

I am astounded that you can tell us what that tasted like. I can't believe you put it in your mouth.

I too miss the family that ran it before Wilma. The food was always outstanding and always one of my favorite stops.