Friday, August 21, 2009


Who knew? Right here in La Crucecita is one of the best restaurants I have ever experienced in Mexico. Owned by a couple from Texas and Veracruz, this is one classy place. They have brought their American experience of owning and operating a restaurant to Huatulco. It is a must stop on your tour or visit here.

Located on Gardenia Street, at the corner of Palma Real, you'll find Dreamers/Sonadores Restaurant and one of the best dining experiences you'll have in this area.

As you enter the street side, covered dining area, you are greeting with an array of elegantly set tables.

They have even adored each table with my favorite cut flower. Although, to be honest, I don't think they had any idea of my likes and dislikes when they decided to do this!

A peek inside gives you a glimpse of the bar area, with the kitchen to the left.

The menu is superb and not what I would consider overly expensive. Especially given the quality of the food!

On Thursdays they have a 2 x 1 pasta special. If you are on the mailing list, you get to find out on Wednesday what the special will be. We are on the mailing list while here! Here's just a sample of what they had last Thursday:

"Tender beef strips grilled to perfection accompanied with our special sauce of roasted tomatoes, almonds and fresh basil served over FRESH HOMEMADE PASTA.

Tender baby vegetables grilled to perfection simmered in lemon butter and capers sauce, served over FRESH HOMEMADE PASTA"

On that particular night, we both opted for the beef strips. Have you ever had one of those meals where the next day you still find yourself thinking about it? Well, that was how this was. One of the most delicious and interesting pasta sauces I have ever consumed.

Each meal is started with the delivery of hot towels for wiping your hands.

The starter for each meal is entitled "Chef's Surprise". And it is! It is always served on an abalone shell and can be anything from a slice of cucumber with feta cheese and caviar to a smoked oyster. I have gotten to know the owners well enough now to let them know that they should not waste good food on me that I am not going to eat anyway. So he fixed this special surprise just for me! Melted cheese on a piece of homemade bread and topped with a bit of arrachera. Now that is how to run a restaurant!

After the delightful surprise comes a tiny scoop of sorbet to cleanse your palette before the main course. This is indeed fancy dining.

The food below looks like a mess in the picture. Believe me, it isn't. It is the chicken poblano, served over a bed of homemade pasta. (the pasta here is NOT to be missed!)

If you still have the teensiest bit of room left, be sure to take a look at the dessert offerings. Made fresh everyday by the owners. Delicious cakes and ice cream desserts. Three of us shared one of the cakes, in fact, the one at the bottom of the picture, and could not finish it! Rich and tasty! And pretty to boot. Presentation is always important.

The staff is well trained and efficient, always there just seconds before you knew yourself that you needed anything!
If you ever make a trip down to Huatulco, look up Dreamers and treat yourself to a fabulous meal. Heck, go once or twice even. You will not regret it.


Sue said...

Sounds wonderful - I'm a sucker for pasta. The one with the beef strips sounds similar to a dish they prepare at my favorite Italian restaurant in Niagara Falls - yummy! Chicken poblano has become a favorite of mine here - never thought to do it with pasta. You know, homemade pasta is a LOT of work - I've done it with an Italian friend of mine. But so worth the effort, there is nothing to compare to fresh fettuccini. Thanks for the report - if we ever get to Oaxaca we will have to make a trip to Hualtuco and eat there.

Jackie said...

That meal sounds wonderful. It certainly is wonderful to get treated as a special person instead of just another customer. I could make a meal out of just arrachera on bread with melted cheese.

Tom and Debi said...

Stop it! you're killing me!


Anonymous said...

Stummbled in there looking for something to eat after a long day at the beach. It was great getting treated like a King! I have never experienced both excellent food and service in all of Mexico! You are right, it is an excellent bargain for what we received.
Rosie Santos

Jamqueen said...

OMG! Everything sounds great! I'm gaining some pounds just reading the menu & looking at the photos!

Steve Cotton said...

Great find. What I do not understand is why each large town in Mexico does not have at least one restaurant like this. Probably, because it would go broke from lack of customers.

lagovistajenn said...

Huatulco is now on my list of places to visit in Mexico. My mouth is watering just thinking about the food there.

Marion said...

We as well had had the fortunate opportunity to be introduced to this wonderful place. And yes the writer is bang on....the ambience, the palette pleasing fares, and then you have the Dreamers/Sonadares team which are always accommodating. Amazing, amazing culinary experience. We had brought a friend who is a vegan, and WOW the chief had prepared a vegan version of their Poblano that is accommodating your client. An absolute MUST while in Huatulco. And to close as we have said to the prepared Fodor’s will be awarding this establishment very soon. Kudos.......Much love and success always.
Scott & Marion