Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Of The Taxi Drivers

There are more special days in Mexico than you can shake a stick at. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Workers Day, Military Day. The list goes on and on.

I discovered while visiting here that there is even a day for taxi drivers! Every taxi in town was outfitted in ribbons and bows that matched the color of their cab! Lots of horn honking and mini parades all day around town.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When is Gringo Day? (even though some of my friends have told me that it is everyday!)


lisa said...

I love the orange bow!! Have a good day! (or what ever time it is there!)

Islagringo said...

lisa: we are on central daylight time, both here and on the island. Same time as Minnesota but an hour behind you.

Babs said...

What town were these pictures taken in? I'll have to dig out my photo of the year all the taxis were parked in the jardin in front of the Parroquia with their hoods up, to be blessed. I laughed out loud.

Life's a Beach! said...

El Dia de los Taxis! LOL! I wonder when Islenos will adopt that one!

Calypso said...

Taxi Day is a new one on me - we have many holidays as you suggest - but missed that one?

We are still in the Magic Kingdom of Las Vegas - where it has been HOT!

Linda Dorton said...

Wow those are some spiffy taxis!

Gringo day? What would you like for Gringo day: a day without speaking Spanish? So all the locals have to struggle through English to communicate the way we do every day with Spanish? Hot dogs and hamburgers that TASTE LIKE north of the border? Respect from the locals? For them to forget, just for one day, that all Americans were born with hundred dollar bills in their mouths and believe that we have earned our way into our geographical paradisical(new word) locations by WORKING? What is it you want for your special day, dear Mr. Gringo!!!?

Nancy said...

You never know what to expect in Mexico. Love the pictures.

Steve Cotton said...

Don't they strike you as an odd cross between a funeral and a wedding? (Or am I being repetitively redundant again?)

Anonymous said...

Mexican knows how to live life(haha)
Thanks for the pictures.
Hope you are having great times!

KfromMichigan said...

I bet those taxi drivers are so very proud! Love the orange.

Todd said...

Alright you retirees
Dont forget Friday the 28, is Abuela's Day so if you are a Grandmonther dont forget to party.

Not sure when Grandfathers day is.....

Do you?

Another one I like is the traffic cops day, just before Christmas.
When you see them directing traffic with a pile of gifts at their feet, now you know why.
Hmmmm, that might be a good investment.


Islagringo said...

babs: downtown La Crucecita, Huatulco.

LAB: Don't you dare tell the taxista on Isla that there is such a day! They are hard enough to deal with now!

Calypso: maybe the taxistas here just made it up for themselves? Don't lose all your money up there!

Linda: all of that you said plus having to get in line at banks, grocery stores, etc on that day!

Nancy: not knowing what to expect can sometimes be fun. Other times bone chilling!

Steve: LOL! That is exactly what we thought. That maybe a taxi driver had died recently!

Anon: for the most part, they do know how to live.

K: there are also burgundy and white taxis. They were the best but never got a good picture of one.

Todd: we only have 1 traffic cop on the island. He loves his whistle, that's for sure!