Monday, July 20, 2009

Whale Shark Festival

The island is currently experiencing whale shark frenzy. To my knowledge, this is only the second year that tours to swim with the whale sharks have originated from Isla. They have been leaving from Isla Holbox for quite a few years now.

To help promote this industry, the island is hosting a whale shark extravaganza. Earlier last week there was a parade downtown, complete with a life size whale shark atop a golf cart. There were tents on the beach and much music and drinking and speakers.

Evidently there is going to be some kind of show in the town square this weekend. I happened to be driving by and was able to stop and get some photos for you.

One of the many posters exclaiming the virtues of the tours.

Not sure why there is a galleon on display. Maybe they are trying to say that whale shark watching has been going on since the days of pirates?

Along one side of the square they have booths set up. Not as yet manned. I looked at the titles on them and most of them are tourist industry related. I do like these colorful flags. They are on pivots and swing around with the breeze.

As can see, the square is decorated with all kinds of fishy fiberglass statues.

Let's take a closer look at some of them.

What would any exhibit here be without the obligatory dolphin? Just a week or so ago I stood on my front porch and watched a pod pass by. Always a stunning event.

Fish everywhere.

I loved this guy.

In the same category as the galleon is this. I have never seen one around here and I doubt that I ever will.

I have seen these though.

This was a very popular statue. I had to wait at least five minutes for my turn to take a picture of it. People were all over it posing.

More fishies.

I haven't strolled through the square for awhile. I was quite surprised to see this sign. How progressive is that!


Nancy said...

Very cool pics, Wayne. I also loved that one of the brown fish. Thanks again for keeping us Islaholics informed on the happenings of our favorite island.

Anonymous said...

Only in "Wisi" !!

Nancy said...

Has tourism recovered on Isla or is this an attempt to bring people back?

The paper in Mazatlan said that on the weekend the hotels here report 100% occupancy. Hopefully things are good in Isla, too, and the whale sharks should help even more.

Life's a Beach! said...

Actually, all that color makes that square look inhabitable! Maybe they can leave the colorful wind flags up year round? The pirate ship is a hoot! I guess the question is -- are the tourists returning? Hope there are! Looks like the island is making a big effort to return tourism to normal levels.

KfromMichigan said...

Great pics .. thanks for taking the time to walk thru the square.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss the old square:-((
sunday nites...sigh.....

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, very cool photos! Love the "wisi" sign, haha. (I swam with the whale sharks yesterday, wow wow wow, they deserve a big festival!)

Arizona Kelly said...

Those pictures make me want to be there. Bad! The normally sterile zocolo looks amazing with all that color :)

And YOU have seen sea horses?? Where? Maybe in a tank at the turtle farm... but certainly not while you were underwater with all those man eating sharks swimming around. ;)