Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To The Rescue

I got some news from a reader/friend last week. Incredible news. Good news. Fantastic news.

Kathy of PaaMul contacted me to say that she would be driving back to the USA in August. AND that she had room to carry the Project Warm Hearts packages to John in Xico! I could hardly believe it. It just goes to show once again what I keep saying.

The Blogger community is a wealth of good people who care about each other.

I am still in shock at this incredible offering of kindness and assistance. In times of need, good people step forward to carry the ball.

But that was not all she offered. Get this. She has offered to accept packages at the address where she will be staying NOB and carry them back down to John! So all of you people who have been wanting to send a contribution to help the kids of Xico, now is your chance.

We are not going to publish the address, for obvious privacy and security reasons. But if you contact Kathy, she will give you instructions.

I'll be on the car ferry today, packages loaded and on my way down to PaaMul to drop them off to Kathy. And to have a nice visit also!


Jackie said...

What a generous offer Kathy has made. It just goes to show you there are some really wonderful giving people still in this world.

MD in Texas said...

That is great news! It just goes to show you that there is always a way to make good things happen, with the help of good people of course!

Arizona Kelly said...

I love goodness :)

Jane Hudalla said...

Since the day I first logged on to the Internet, I've viewed it as a miracle.

As we all know, however, it can transmit both good and evil. And I'm so happy to see that your blog has brought out the good.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news !!! The guys in white hats win again !!

Calypso said...

Good News indeed! Gracias.

Nancy said...

....hmmm, I could possibly say "I told you so!"

That is so cool about her taking things to Veracruz. And back, too!


Babs said...

Ahh, and it all worked out. I agree the "blogger community" has added to all of our lives as witnessed just this past weekend by my two wonderful experiences.
Who knew?

Jonna said...

Yay for Kathy! and you for Project Warm Hands!