Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Unwelcome Visitor

For several days last week I noticed a new addition to the top of our wall in the back patio. I remember thinking, "I hope that rascal doesn't come down on this side!" Well, guess what? He did!

I was not too pleased to see him out there. They have the most vile poop, they eat your potted plants, they startle the heck out of you if they are hiding behind a pot and you disturb them and, finally, I was not sure if they would hurt the cats.

I certainly didn't want to touch him and I really didn't want to hurt him either. I had the brilliant idea of spraying him off the tree with the hose. I say brilliant, but it really wasn't. I sprayed the heck out of him, trying to make him let go and scurry on out of my patio and life. To no avail. Never underestimate the power of those claws.

Finally one of the cats came outside. He spotted the cat and made a flying leap off the tree and under one of the pots that is slightly elevated. For the next few days I could see his tail peeking out so I knew he was still there. The cats quickly determined that they would not get him out so they lost interest.

I have not seen him or evidence of his existence for the last few days so I am hoping that he safely found a way out and back to the wild.


Sue said...

Iguanas are very shy, and are not aggressive towards humans. They run the other way any chance they have. Luna has caught a few smaller ones and she eats them - they definitely know that cats are bad news for them. Loco has also caught a few, and they bite him on the nose in order to get loose. Negra used to eat iguanas after she was abandoned by her owner - she still shows interest in catching them. So it's good that your iguana moved on, and I agree - their poop makes a mess (our iguanas don't come down, they stay on top of the wall where there are lots of plants and flowers for them to munch through).

Jamqueen said...

Hope he has moved on..they can move fast & are scary when they pop out of hiding!

KfromMichigan said...

Great pictures of your unwelcome guest. Hope he has left .. for good.

CancunCanuck said...

Aww, he was just coming to visit! I miss the iguanas that used to be in our yard, we had several but after Wilma they never returned. I used to love watching them sunbathe!

Life's a Beach! said...

I remember sitting at Ronco (that mini-mart across from the new Mango Cafe) years ago and watching iguanas all over a wall at a house across the street. The man who lived there came out one day and threw ground meat at them to eat. Before long, you'll be throwing hamburger out on the patio and a whole collection will be scrambling for it. HA! Hope he left.

Steve Cotton said...

Her's my theory. He has headed over to the beach to fetch his friends: the sharks. You are going to get up tomorrow, and, right there in your bedroom, there will be some 'splainin' to do.

Anonymous said...

Might wanna try some "Iguana-Be-Gone-A"....


O Robert

Islagringo said...

Sue: this one sure seemed afraid of the cats. I know that they are not aggressive at all. It's just the scurrying out from behind something when you least expect it that bothers me.

Jamqueen: you got that right!

K: those pics were actually taken by B! I'll pass on the compliment.

CC: ah, Wilma. She did change a lot of things.

LAB: don't hold your breath on that one!

Steve: been a long time since I had any 'splaining like that to do! I welcome the opportunity!

O Robert: I have Iquana-B-Gone. His name is Simon and he's a big Siamese cat!

Calypso said...

I would let that bug eater hang at my place anytime. We have a smaller version that gets in our casa up at the Rancho - he is harmless and must be helping to reduce the bug population - he is getting bigger ;-)