Monday, June 15, 2009

Invasion Of The Creepy Crawlys

Even greater (and perhaps even more realistic) than my aversion to sharks is my aversion to all things slithery. SNAKES!, earthworms and centipedes all make me shiver worse than if I were naked on an ice flow. I mean I am just creeped out by those types of things. If you were to ever hold a SNAKE! or earth worm towards me and threaten to touch me with it, you better be prepared to die. Seriously.

So to discover that those black, inch long disgusting centipedes are back almost gives me nightmares. Worse yet, they are coming up from the shower drain! It's a wonder I am not a disgusting dirty mess. Every inch of that shower gets inspected before I step a naked piece of my body into that area. But shit happens.

Every once in awhile, through soap filled eyes, I will spot one squirming its' way up through one of the holes in the floor drain......while I am in there with it! I'm sure the shriek heard throughout the neighborhood is akin to the one uttered by Ellen when she was told she had to wear a gown to host the Oscars.

But I have my creepy crawly killer at hand. It is a long handled squeegee kept in the shower to facilitate squeegeeing every drop of water off the floor once one's shower is concluded. We can't have water spots in the shower, doncha know. Squeegee tightly in hand, down it comes, WHAM! and there is one less creepy crawly in the world.

Still, I step out of the shower to dry off, leaving the squashed black spot to fend for itself. And I live to kill another day.


Arizona Kelly said...

"I'm sure the shriek heard throughout the neighborhood is akin to the one uttered by Ellen when she was told she had to wear a gown to host the Oscars."

Coffee out my nose hilarious!!!!

RiverGirl said...

If you've got bugs coming from the drain then your shower drain doesn't have a proper water trap in it. A good water trap for your shower is about $50 MXP. You'll need to pay a maestro for a few hours' work to put the trap in. And then no more bugs will ever come up!!!

Anonymous said...

Try dumping some bleach down your drain apres shower

O Robert

Life's a Beach! said...

That creeps me out! I stayed at Luna d'Miel one year and there were bugs everywhere. I felt like I was on Survivor!

The only thing worse might be an iguana coming up through your shower drain. Try killing that with a squeegee! The drain trap sounds mighty attractive!

Anonymous said...

Maybe therapy would be a good idea to get you over this horrific affliction you have towards slimy, squiggly, wiggly creatures?

I guess you stay clear of the albino python when it's making it rounds aye?

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Yeah the bugs coming up my drain would freak me out a bit ...

Islagringo said...

Kelly: Sorry about that!

Rivergirl: the shower does have an adequate water trap. Somehow these things make their way through the water trap. They must be able to hold their breath or something. Same thing with cockroaches. We get those once in awhile too.

O Robert: I'll give that a try.

LAB: I've never heard of that hotel.

Anonymous: do you have pythons up there in Canada now? Haven't seen any around here.

Am Mommy: it does make for a nerve wracking shower!

On Mexican Time said...

NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING creaps me out more than bugs! Now I have to worry about the possibility of them coming through the shower drain!!! Oh man!
Oh and nobody likes water stains!

KfromMichigan said...

I'm with you .. I hate all kinds of bugs. And it's worse trying to kill them ..yuck!

Merida Mikey said...

What a creepy problem!

Buy some H24 liquid in a bottle (not a apray can). Dump about 1/4 cup down the shower drain once a week until the problem is solved, roaches, etc.

Keep the drain covered with a flat stopper when not in use.

Problem solved.

Nancy said...

You crack me up! I sprayed the daylights out of one of those suckers that was trotting around the courtyard the other day. But in the shower, no thanks. I would try the clorox idea for sure.

You should read my pal Jennifer's latest post on doing battle with a spider, pretty funny.

Babs said...

Geez, that's as bad as the scorpion in my bathroom, remember?
Holy crap.

Islagringo said...

On Mexican Time: bugs don't bother me. Neither do water stains!

KfromMich: i don't mind bugs. I don't want them in my house or bag of flour though.

MeridaMikey: you are a wealth of information! I know what you are talking about and will buy a jug of it tomorrow. BTW, I passed along your advice about kidney stones to a friend who gets 5-6 a year. He is going to try it.

Nancy: death to all creepy crawleys! I'll give that post a read.

Babs: I remember it well. Gave me the creeps and had me shaking out clothing for a long time afterwards!

Mary said...

Ewwww! I hate crawly things too.