Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stir Crazy

I'm starting to get a little stir crazy. I think I need to get off the island again for a bit. But where?

The whole country, nay, the whole world, is going a little crazy now with this virus thing. Things seem to be getting better but we are not out of the woods yet.

Today we went downtown to our favorite loncheria, San Martin, for lunch. We were the only customers but the other three lunch stands had a few customers. Not many though.

Then we took a ride around the island. I wanted to stop at South Point and take a few updated pictures of how the cliffs have fallen in more. What I saw totally bowled me over. I'll be putting that post up later this week. I have some then and now pics to go through and it's getting a bit puzzling. After awhile, cliffs all start looking the same!

We are supposed to go to a birthday party for a friend (Paty, the owner of Adelita's) tomorrow night. I think we are going to just send our regards. Not feeling up to a 4 hour party where only Spanish is spoken. Just more stress than I think I can handle right now.

I think we are going to take a short road trip back to Merida as soon as we think it is safe to travel....and more things are open. That should help alleviate this trapped feeling I am having.


Calypso said...

Let's live on an island paradise. You're retired, in good health and pretty much have life by the short hair.

Sorry amigo I am just having a hard time ginning up sympathy for your plight.

Hang-in there hombre!

norm said...

The ruin Calakmul was the highlight of my last trip to Mexico, if your up for a road trip. It is a very large city that was a rival to Tikal in the classic period. It's in an eco zone at the end of a toll road of about 60 kilometers. The thing that struck me the most about the place was the smell. It has old growth trees and it smelled like copal. It is worth the drive if you like ruins. It is a very rural area so do not expect a fancy place to stay if you go.

Islagringo said...

calypso: this post does sound kind of woe is me.

norm: thanks for the tip! I will definitely be doing some research on that. I don't think now is a good time to head out anywhere though. It may not even be open.

Anonymous said...

Just don't go down to Laguna Bacalar without me!

Doug CT

Anonymous said...

Forget about the flu virus and resume your normal me I'm a doctor.

Life's a Beach! said...

I think you definitely have island fever (as opposed to swine flu). I had friends who used to live on Oahu. When they'd come back to the mainland, they'd get on the interstate and just drive -- in one straight line for hundreds of miles! : )

CancunCanuck said...

Holbox! Get thee to Holbox my friend, it's my favourite place on earth (and flu free!)

I'm with ya, stir crazy, cabin fever, it's all too much.

Jackie said...

I had extended my stay on Isla by five days. I was supposed to leave last Thursday but changed my flight with no fee to return home yesterday.
I got to the Cancun airport yesterday morning to find that although I had checked the evening before my American Airlines flight was canceled due to low occupancy. I had to spend four hours in Cancun then another four hours in Dallas. The Cancun airport was eerily empty when I arrived. No lines to speak of and a short health check detour.
I talked to a couple of people who were leaving on a Canadian airline. They were ordered to leave on the last flight out of Cancun yesterday before the airline shut down Mexican operations for a while. If they had chosen not to leave they would have not been reimbursed in anyway by their airline. They said it would cost them thousands of dollars to re-book a one way ticket on another (likely a USA) airlines.
Things were pretty darn quiet on Isla the last few days other than the huge crowd of Mexicans on the beach on Sunday.

KfromMichigan said...

Enjoy the view from your window and be happy my friend! Can't wait to see the new pictures.

Islagringo said...

Doug: no worries.

anonymous doctor: good advice!

lab: I can so identify with your friends! I need to go somewhere where I can get my car out of 3rd gear!

cc: Holbox? mmm, not a bad idea.

jackie: thanks for the update on the airport conditions. Ivan gave me the bag of stuffed animals. Thank you so much!

kw: I know, I know. People would kill for the view I have every single day. But even dining on pheasant gets old if you do it every day. Just need a little change of view for a bit.

Nancy said...

I think it's that waiting-waiting-waiting thing. I had it a bit,too. I've wanted to do some projects but Home Depot and Sam's were closed...blah blah blah.

So yesterday Paul and I got in the car and drove way north of town, stopped at Starbucks for a frappuchino and I was all back to normal after that! Started a new book and a new knitting project, too.

I think a road trip to Merida soon would be perfect. Have fun.

Jonna said...

Come on over! The guest room at Casa Ixchel awaits you and Mérida is open. There are a few things closed, like the bull ring and the schools but pretty much the city is going on. It's nice and you won't be bored. Plus, just think how fast you can drive on the cuota and straight as a sewing teacher's seam.

Anonymous said...

All reports are saying the "FLU" was over rated. Thanks to the loonies Mexican tourism and many people have lost $$ they can not afford to lose.

Get out no reason to hibernate any longer! From news I hae read all schools, etc. are opening and back to normal. Too bad no tourists becuase of someones overreaction.

Steve Cotton said...

I think you nailed it. I have been feeling a bit down the last day or two. We have not quarntined ourselves, but the house has us in its tentacles. We got out today for a short road trip. Maybe a Manzanillo trip tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

All is welll, Isla. News is announcing they "OVER hyped". Unfortunately, their apology is not helping the tourism in Mexico. So get out there this flu is being annouced no different than any other flu.