Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Let's Talk About Food

Since we have been sticking kind of close to home lately, I have no new pictures that I can share with you today. I'm working on some stories so pictures will be back. No fears there!

Not wanting to go to the grocery store anymore than necessary, we have been using up our supplies that we have here on hand.

Last night I made a killer stir fry, even if I do say so myself. This whole cooking thing is a new and strange world for me. But lest you think I am getting really good at it, I'll share a secret with you. As we were eating, B asked me, "Where's the chicken breast you thawed today?" Oops. I forgot to cook and add the chicken! So it really was a vegetarian meal!

I love Szechuan food so I surfed the net looking for an easy Szechuan sauce recipe. And I do mean easy! Take a look at this:


It was better than anything I have ever had from the store in a bottle. I substituted red wine for the dry sherry. If you decide to make this and do that same substitution, I would only put in 3 tablespoons of sugar. It was a bit, just a bit, too sweet. Otherwise it was easy and tasty.

Billie, Teresa and Nancy, are you proud of me?!


Jamqueen said...

Bravo! It's always fun to try & put together a meal from what you find in the house....I try nor to go to the store too often--I have to go about 12 miles to the closest grocery store! I do love to cook--used to be a Home Ec teacher & also have worked as a cook.

Calypso said...

I'm very proud of you hombre - does that count?

Anonymous said...

Forget .. Ha .. sounds like me. I do love to cook tho. (and bake)

Steve Cotton said...

Good show. I can appreciate your pollo-less meal. At least, yours was simply missing. I will try your sauce variation. I live and die by stir fry -- keeps up the vegetable intake, don'cha know.

Anonymous said...

wondering if you meant theresa, with an h. but i'm proud of you too-that sounds delicious! i once forgot to put the zucchini in my zucchini bread, so leaving out ingredients happens to the best of us ;-)

teresa in lake stevens, wa.

Life's a Beach! said...

I'll be saving that sauce recipe! We've eaten at home a lot since we moved to Arizona, so I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. And I have a wok I've never used!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I am very proud of you!! Stir fry is a great technique, fast, easy and forgiving. Sherry,in case you didn't know or forgot is called Jerez in Spanish. It's pretty common here, I buy the cheap Tres Coronas brand for cooking.
We're also using up the pantry stuff, it's good to do that every once in awhile, it's amazing what ends up pushed into corners.

Nancy said...

Hey, I am very proud of you! You know it really doesn't kill you if you don't eat meat at every meal!

Paul frequently eats meatless at home with me, but when we go out to eat the carnivore comes out!

We've been doing the same thing with using up our stock, a good idea to do anyway since things get rusty so quickly here. Whenever I can I buy the little paper boxes but some things are only available in cans.

What else are you fixing? I could use some ideas...

Islagringo said...

jamqueen: a home ec teacher! I better be careful what I write then! did you read teresa in merida's blog yesterday where she talks about winning a homemaker award? Funny stuff.

calypso: it is more important to me than I can say!

kfrommichigan: i don't usually leave stuff out of recipes. I change stuff around a lot though!

steve: we try to have a vegetable with every meal. I go more for the root vegetables.

anonymous: I did mean with an H. I never know whether to use one or not. I must admit, I have never forgotten a key ingredient like that. It is kind of like forgetting to put the hamburger on the bun!

lab: I use my wok a lot. I do light deep frying in it also.

theresa: when I go to Cancun next, I will look for it. I like to use the ingredients listed whenever possible. We just cleaned out our pantry because we had to paint the wall behind it. Amazing how much expired stuff was on the shelfs also!

nancy: let's see....steak on the grill, chicken and rice with pibian sauce and vegetables, homemade shrimp ceviche.

Anonymous said...

actually, even without the zucchini, it was still pretty good. just a little dry so it was good dipped in milk if i remember correctly. i'm a dipper! dang, that's making me hungry and i'm on a diet.

teresa in l.s.

Billie said...

Wayne, I knew you'd get the hang of it. Your dinner sounds pretty good to me, even without the chicken. Congratulations.

Islagringo said...

billie: the fact that I am even trying is just an amazement to me! Thanks for your inspiration!

Nancy said...

Ooooh, I just found a website to share! Check this out, you put in the ingredients in your cupboard and it tells you what you can cook!