Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yet Another Fair

When I heard that yet another Oaxacan fair had hit town, I was a bit excited. Even though we had just had a rather crappy one here, I thought this one might be really good. Like the one that was in Playa del Carmen lately. So we decided to give it a look see.

The first thing we saw was the Oaxacan cheese booth. It was a treat to watch him separate the cheese into the traditional Oaxacan style and then wrap it into a ball. Reminded me of making a ball of yarn!

Chapulines. Remember that word if ever in Oaxaca....or at a Oaxacan fair!

A closer look reveals what they are. Dried grasshoppers! I must say, I have never tried these in all the times I have visited Oaxaca. I just don't see the need or sense in purposely eating bugs.

There was a great stand selling different types of moles and thick sauces. We bought some of the green Pipian and I can't wait to try it.

Colorful little toys were abundant. I wanted to buy one of each to send off to Xico. And I would have too if I could have gotten the salesman to stop texting or playing games or whatever the *X(#%% he was doing on his cell phone. I finally gave up and walked away in disgust. Sorry kids.

The handmade fabrics at this fair were far and away a better class of workmanship than at the last one. Look at the quality of the hand embroidery on this top.

And here. This was very well done with no gaps in the fabric at all. These things are truly pieces of art.

Being a crocheter, I really appreciated this one.

A closer look shows you the quality of the tiny stitches. They must have used like a -5 hook or something!

I thought this purse was cool. The beads are on an elastic band so one size fits all.

Candy and food was plentiful also.

Evidently all of it handmade in Oaxaca!

From 7 to 9 PM everynight, there are folkloric dancers. I haven't had a chance to stop by and see them yet.

Undoubtedly my best buy that day was this hand loomed rug. Just the thing I needed for beside my bed! Negotiated a pretty good deal too!

They even had a restaurant area with handmade goodies.

We had just been served some warm quesadillas and empanadas when we suddenly had to take flight. We got a call that the alarm at our house was going off. Meaning somebody was trying to break in!
Running to the car, stuffing food in our faces at the same time, we made it home within 15 minutes of getting the call. We saw nothing unusual outside so unlocked the doors. What we found was one very upset cat inside! Simon had evidently hidden somewhere and after we left, he woke up and set off the motion detectors inside the house.
At least we know they work!


Jamqueen said...

Glad this fair was better than the last. That crochetd afghan is great! Too bad you had to rush home, but luckily it turned out ok... Gotta love those cats!

Life's a Beach! said...

Very nice photos! I'm glad this one was the real McCoy. The fabric and crochet work is wonderful!

Calypso said...

Very nice rug amigo - good job!

K.W. Michigan said...

I love fairs .. and that crocheted dress is very nice.

Anonymous said...

The last paragraph of your blog entry sounds a bit "facebooky" or "twittery"!

jeanie said...

Great post Wayne! You've captured my interest in Oaxaca. I'm full of questions. I hope to see a fair someday on Isla.

Anonymous said...

great handicrafts. this fair definitey looked better than the last. do you happen to know about how long it takes to drive from oaxaca tp patzcuaro? those are 2 places i'd really like to go to someday.


Nancy said...

Oh, I've been wanting to try pipian...and I would even try the chapulines (I think). Wish I was there!

Even if there wasn't a fair.

Babs said...

Oaxaca is hurting very bad financially from the uprisings of the teachers union. I saw whole families begging when I was last there. Very sad. So, that is the reason you will see more fairs everywhere in Mexico - they are comin to us since we aren't going there.
However, with that said, the Germans, Italians and French are there in great numbers. I met many of them.
I traveled from San Miguel to Oaxaca by bus - bus to Mexico City - taxi to other terminal and bus to Oaxaca. Total trip time about 14 hours (that includes the travel time to cross Mexico City by taxi) Cost - $90US each way.
Great deal.......
Patzcauro is NOT on the way to Oaxaca but nearer Guadalajara.