Thursday, April 09, 2009

On The Car Ferry Again

Sticking with the water theme one more day.

Just before the ferry reaches the Cancun side, there is this wreck off in the distance.

It is the remains of a Cuban fishing boat that sought safe harbor during Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. Guess it wasn't as safe as they thought.

Since it forms an artificial reef, there are usually small fishing boats around it. Rumor has it that sharks congregate around it also. For the fish or fishermen, not sure which.

Looking back at the island. Does anybody ever get sick of the color of this water?

Passing one the channel markers. I really like all the blue in the picture.


K.W. Michigan said...

Are you happy now??!! You have made me so homesick for Cancun! I could look at these pictures all day (and I just might do that). Thanks so much for sharing!

Arizona Kelly said...

Great pictures Wayne! I love them all but my favorite is the one with the turquoise and darker blue water cutting diagonally across the picture with Isla in the background.

Life's a Beach! said...

That water is so gorgeous! I miss it!

threecollie said...

I love the beautiful photos you post of your lovely home. I could never get tired of seeing the sea.

Steve Cotton said...

I thought the sharks gathered around the beach in front of your house -- just in case you were to stroll in too far.

Jackie said...

When my daughter has traveled to Isla with me she has asked me “don’t you have enough pictures from riding on the ferry?” I tell her no because I always like to start and end my trip with photos from the ferry, kind of like bookends. I agree with others that the colors are absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

do you happen to know if the people onboard that wreck made it to safety?

teresa (cuban in lake stevens)

Islagringo said...

kw: homesick for Cancun??? Do you mean Isla?

AZ: that look is never the same. It depends upon where the current is pushing the underwater grasses.

LAB: yup. when it is gorgeous, it is overwhelmingly so. But when it is bad, it is bad!

threecollie: thanks! I love that you are enjoying my blog. I'm just glad I could bring a little joy into your life right now. Hope all is getting better.

steve: that too!

jackie: enough pictures of the water? that isn't possible!

teresa: the story is that the boat was blown out from shore and sunk. I would assume then that all on board got off safely before the hurricane actually hit. Not hard to believe since after Wilma one of the giant car ferries from Playa that was anchored in Cancun was actually blown up and grounded on shore!

Calypso said...

The sharks are on shore around Wayne's casa, Terrific colors amigo.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the grop on the square was better was there 03/11-03/28 and was not real impressed with last group weren't very friendly either!Can't wait to hear more! LadyHawke from Texas