Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Update - Part Two

Moving around to the bay side of Isla, we'll take a look at those beaches now. We'll skip Playa Posada, the beach that runs from the ferry docks north to across from Jax. That area never seems to change much.

This is the beach used by the tour company from Cancun, Islander. The same ones who have the private playground. It certainly is easy, even without the flags, to see where their property" starts.

Look how they pack them in here. I digress. The beach here hasn't changed much. It has gained a few yards of sand but that's it.

Let's move on a bit to Playa Sol. Often referred to simply as Sergio's. In December, that volleyball court was filling with water and those umbrellas would definitely have been in the water.

The beach was lapping at this volleyball court. Remember I showed you that black tubes that they were blowing sand into? Look what they have achieved.

Looking back at the volleyball court. I would have been standing in water in December.

Looking back towards North Beach, in front of Chichi and Charlie's. In December, the water was lapping on that wall and there was no beach. None.

So there you have it. From what I saw on Sunday, I think it's about time I hit the beach again!


K.W. Michigan said...

Save a spot for me on the beach! It looks so inviting.

Steve said...

Nice summary of the big reason to head to Isla. It is good to see the areas that have been reclaimed. Are tourists still coming?

On Mexican Time said...

Wow - looks fantastic. Great pics, and explanations!!! Gracias!! I really need to head back there soon!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to get back there in about a month. It is amazing how fast the beaches can change one way or another.

Moongrl722 said...

Thanks for the beach update and pics. I'm so glad to see the good news.