Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Beach Update

December 22. That's the last time I ran a beach update. Man, is there a lot to report! Things have really changed. So much so that I am splitting this update into two parts. Part Two tomorrow.

We'll start where I usually do. The little beach in front of Villa Kin (formerly Casa Maya). This is located right at the start of the bridge going over to the Avalon. Not much change. This little beach seems to be impervious to erosion or growth.

Looking over to the Avalon's beach. The deeper water that runs under the bridge is getting narrower as the beaches continue to grow.

This is the beach that is on the east side of the NaBalam. It is also the beach you see in the title picture of my blog. (scroll back up) With the placement of all those sand bags, the beach is now growing. Nothing like it was before, but still there is hope. Notice the stick that I always use to gage the beach here. It should not be in the water.

Looking at the corner of the front restaurant of the NaBalam. Last time I updated, the water was lapping on the foundation.

Looking back from that corner to the Avalon and the bridge.

Standing in front of the NaBalam restaurant, looking along North Beach. As a sign of how well the NaBalam is not doing, look at all the footprints of people passing by but not stopping. I suppose that is what you get when you continually raise your rates but let your hotel continue to crumble and deteriorate.

North Beach, eroded or not, continues to be one of the nicest beaches around. And one of the safest. Look how far out people can go and still not even get wet!

Approaching the beach at Maria del Mar and the swing bar. In December the water was up past these palm trees. Now that's beach reclamation. It appears that this has become the new topless area of North Beach. (enlarge for proof!)

Yes, they are still there. Yes, we see them.

In front of the swing bar. The beach along North Beach undulates in and out and now has an incline to get to the water.

Not much going on at the swing bar on this beautiful day.

Again, these front palms were under water in December. And no, that woman on the left is not hanging her laundry. Those are the privacy curtains that surround those stupid beds. I don't even want to guess why people would need privacy. Ick.

Finally and distressingly. I saw lots of these on the beach today.

Fully armed with bullet proof vests. Machine guns in hand. Some of them even had those black masks on to hide their identity. Which I find incredibly spooky. Really, we don't need this huge military presence on the beach. Just when we are trying so hard to assure people that it is safe here. Which it is. Why do they want to needlessly scare vacationers like that. Not too bright.


jeanie said...

Fantastic post Wayne! Looking forward to part 2.

Life's a Beach! said...

So, the black masks are to hide the identity from any Mafia drug lord types? Are the guys federales or local Navy beach patrols?

Thanks for the new beach info! Looks like no great gains, but no big losses! I'm looking forward to Part II!

threecollie said...

The beach is so lovely. I am really enjoying your blog these days...sorry about the danger/military thing. What a shame..

K.W. Michigan said...

Thanks for the beach pics .. I'm dreaming of being on the beach.

Babs said...

You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. I remember in 1978 when I first sawa the waters around Isla and Cancun (which was a sleep village at that time), I was staggered by the beauty. The color is extraordinary. Lucky you.

John said...

Someone needs to buy you a nice 200mm tele, Wayne. :)

Isla Deb said...

Wow! Sure looks better than when I was there last May! Can't wait to see it in a few months...preferably without the military presence!

CancunCanuck said...

Great update, thanks Wayne. Nice to see North Beach making some recovery on her own. Funny, I see the army guys and I feel relieved, they make me feel safer believe it or not. But yeah, I'm not a tourist so I guess it could be freaky.

Jamqueen said...

So happy to see the beach coming back! Has improved in just the last month since we were there. I agree about Na Balam--we stayed there the first 2 years we went to Isla, but the prices went up so much that we looked elsewhere.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the beach photos. I have heard that Sergio's lost a lot of beach recently.
Loved your comment "Yes, they are still there. Yes, we see them."

Calypso said...

Bullet poof breasts and bullet proof vests - A little bit of everything.

We have the police militia in high visibility these days too (not the other). Wonder what is up with this in our peaceful little necks of the woods? Maybe to keep them that way?

But it isn't pleasing to see youngsters marching around with automatic weapons.