Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hurricane Dock

Some friends are visiting the island. One of them is a newbie here. So of course a trip to the turtle farm was in order.

This is the old dock, after hurricane damage. Notice the pelican sitting there. Nice and safe because this is definitely not a safe dock to walk on.

"Don't come out here! The new dock is over there."

Of course, not everybody listens to reason.


Life's a Beach! said...

I walked out on the ramshackle dock at Playa Indio's several years ago and Indio came running to get me off of there! I know he was thinking 'stupid woman.' (But I wanted a picture of the pelicans!)

Calypso said...

Your pelican photo is terrific hombre - kudos

Isla Deb said...

Unfortunately, I will have to admit that I would be one of those people taking a stupid (although not overly so) chance to get the possibility of a good photo.

Islagringo said...

LAB: ever thought about using your zoom? Nothing personal, but Indio was probably right!

calypso: thanks. right place, right time on that one!

Isladeb: Am I going to have to sick Indio on you too!

Seriously guys, no picture is worth risking your life or injury for. That said, I myself get way too close to the edge of the cliffs here just to get a good picture. I guess I better go to Indio jail with the rest of you!

My Way said...

You has a funny!