Monday, December 15, 2008

Time To Start Thinking

As many of you know, I conceived of and hosted the First Annual Blogger Meeting here on Isla last April. I would like to think that it was a huge hit. At least for the bloggers here in the Yucatan area. Most of the people I met that weekend have become very good friends now. For that reason alone, hosting it and doing all of that work was well worth it.

It's time to start thinking about the Second Annual Blogger Meeting and where it is going to be. People need time to prepare you know! It is not going to be hosted by me. It will have to be up to one of you to put it together and host it this year. Spread the good cheer as it were.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were hosted in an area other than the Yucatan so that more bloggers could attend? Like SMA, Mazatlan or even Belize! I'm not fussy though. Whoever wants to host the next one will make me happy. A good time will be guaranteed wherever it is.

So give it some thought bloggers and if you think you are up to hosting a bunch of great people in your area next April, let us know! If you have any questions about what I went through putting it together, feel free to shoot me an email.

Let's hope somebody picks up the challenge and pulls us all together again!

update: I took out those blasted links. I fixed them three times and never could get them to work.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I'd do it! Hey, those links don't go anywhere. I will see if Jonna or Debi can help me put it together. I vote for Blogger blow out in Merida! LOL....though I thought that Babs was going to do it in San Miguel? I'd like to go there!

Babs said...

Wayne, I'll talk to Billie when I get back and see if we can co-host the group.... said...

Sweetie, your links are broken...I heard a rumor about where it might be, but I am not yet at liberty to discuss it.

IslaZina said...

You here here and here links don't work!

Islagringo said...

zina,heather and theresa: (what happened to Zina's comment? I published it!) At any rate, thanks for the heads up on the links. Why do you suppose they work in draft and preview and then not when published? I tried to fix them but no go. Just took them out.

theresa: great! that would be fun! I think Babs is still interested.

Babs: maybe you, billie, the gangs and John could all host it somehow. Split it up and make less work. I know I would love to come to SMA and meet everybody. Plus I have never been there and would like to.

Steve Cotton said...

It appears I will barely miss this one. I d not get to Mexico until May -- unless, I fy down just for the Do.

CancunCanuck said...

Oooh fun, I vote for someplace I don't have to buy airline tickets for, LOL!

I've heard a rumour too, I'm guessing Heather and I have heard the same. Hmmmmmmm.

Nancy said...

We're game for either Merida or San Miguel. And maybe the following year in Mazatlan?

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Wayne!

Jonna said...

Woo woo! I'm in, wherever.

Steve, it probably won't be in Melaque this year (although you and Sparks could host it next year) so you'd have to travel anyway, might as well fly in.

Islagringo said...

Steve: I totally agree with Jonna on this one. Even if you were living in Melaque now, you'd have to travel to get to us. So why not fly an extra hour or two and join us? Just tell your boss you need a couple of days off to make a long weekend. What are they going to you?! We promise you a good time!

cc: I hear where you are coming from. I have been doing some investigating on airline tickets in country. Wow! In some cases it is more expensive to fly somewhere in Mexico than it is to fly to Minnesota! (although I doubt anybody but me would want to go there!)

nancy: I've been to Maz twice and thought I would never go back. Since you came along, I now have a reason to go back. (other than to visit Dairy Queen again! it's the oldest one in Mexico. you should blog it) Besides, I want to see that mural in person!

jonna: i never doubted for a minute that you and Mimi would be on board and in attendance, no matter where it ends up! thanks for helping to push Steve to make the right decision!

Calypso said...

Hope we can make this one - April is usually some tax reporting travel necessity. SMA sounds good - I'll start saving now for that town ;-)

Or are we all staying at Bab's and Billie's?

Jonna said...

John, does your camper still travel? If it is in San Miguel, we will probably hook it to a trip north with the RV. There are a couple of RV parks there that are much more reasonable than other options. Come and camp out with us!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I have an idea, let's do one in Mérida and one in San Miguel and teleconference! Or do a Mérida one in April and a San Miguel one in the fall? Unless airfare falls drastically then we could have it somewhere else. LOL wouldn't it be funny if it was cheaper for all of us to fly somewhere like Minnesota than in the Republic?

Nancy said...

Wayne, you got me interested in why you thought you'd never go back to Mazatlan! And you know what, I have never gone to the Dairy QUeen either!

I wanted to mention that people should check out Volaris for travel within Mexico. Our two tickets for Mazatlan to Toluca were $4,556 round trip. Not cheap but so much better than they used to be. When the location is settled we can start checking into which airline has the best prices. (By the way, taxes and airport fees etc are all but 1,000 pesos of the above tickets)

Islagringo said...

calypso: I'll stay with whomever is the best cook...SMA or Merida or wherever!

jonna: hey! I know how to camp too! Oh, you probably mean where you live in a tent and stuff. Oops.

theresa: having just purchased tickets for an upcoming trip within Mexico, I can tell you that it would have been cheaper for me to fly to Dallas or Minneapolis!

Nancy: merely because I have been there, done that and even ate a Blizzard! Never heard of Volaris but I will bookmark it for later use for sure! So, for now, go get a Peanut Buster Parfait and buy a scoop for the dogs too!

Billie said...

If we are going to do it in SMA, April and May are not the best months to do it. From about the middle of June and forward is the best time.

tacogirl said...

I cannot do one for April but am going to invite all bloggers to San Pedro Belize for June as it is the first year that our lobsterfest is in Fromers and definitly a blogworthy event. Will be doing official announcement in beginning of new year.

Babs said...

"Wayne, thre is an airline called Interjet (if I remember correctly) and you can fly almost anywhere they fly in mexico for about $150 and IF you have an INSEN card, it is 50% off!
Calypso, Ha, ha,
April is a good month in San Miguel - May is and part of June are too hot! Isn't that surprising.
I'll bein Merida in February. Don't know if I could go back in April..........but there will always be problems for someone on place and time so....we just figure out where and when and go from there. I have worked "contracts' with hotels here (in SMA) and I'm sure we can get discounts, depending on the time of year and amount of people.
Can't really do anything on it til the end of January however.
AND, yes there is a great RV park within walking distance of everything in San Miguel. Very inexpensive also. Also, great bus service from Mexico City to San Miguel........
However, I'm saying all this from the "frozen tundra" of Colorado.....