Friday, December 26, 2008

A Tale Of Two Turkeys

Heading into Christmas week, we were looking good. Gifts for friends and each other were purchased and wrapped. Dinner menu was planned and a compromise had been reached between American and English dining traditions. The only thing left to purchase was the turkey. So off to Cancun we headed.

We had no problem finding one at Sam's Club. We had brought a cooler with us so, although it was b word to carry back on the boat, we got it home safely. Since there was nobody occupying the cabana last week, we stuck it in that refrigerator to slowly defrost. Fast forward 24 hours to last Sunday.

We went over to get the turkey to move to our refrigerator only to discover that a 14 pound turkey had totally defrosted! No way we could keep it until Thursday without cooking it. So on Monday, into the oven it went. We basically had one meal from it, stripped all the meat, shredded and froze it and I boiled the carcass and made broth for future soups and stuff.

There was no way around it. We were going to have a new traditional Christmas meal and that was going to include turkey!

So last Tuesday B and I headed over to Cancun and after having a marvelous Christmas lunch with CancunCanuck, Max and Lisa Love, off to CostCo we headed in Lisa's vocho de mil colores and purchased another. The smallest one we could find was 17 pounds!

And here's what it ended up looking like yesterday.

And what I sat down to gobble up.

To heck with our new traditional meal. Next year we are having ham!


Sue said...

How the heck did that turkey defrost in 24 hrs? My 16 pound turkey was in the fridge since Monday and still on Thursday morning there was ice on the inside. Good thing you checked on it or you might have had a nasty surprise when you went to get it on Christmas morning!

By the way, it looks delicious. Mine was too, and so was the pumpkin pie. :-)

Jonna said...

Where's the Christmas pudding??? You got my Brit friends drooling with thoughts of it so now we want a picture!

That is a lovely meal, works for my US nostalgia.

ArizonaKelly said...

YUM! That looks like it was a lot of work, but delicious. What are those things on the right side of the plate that look like nicely seared scallops?

Anonymous said...

Yum! Could you Fedex a turkey sandwich to me? This it the first year I didn't get any turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas!
-Doug said...

That looks delicious!

Islagringo said...

Sue: I suspect that it may not have been completely frozen when we purchased it. By the time we got back home, I could push my finger into it quite aways. I must tearfully report that there was no pumpkin pie here. Nobody knows how to make pie crust.

Jonna: the christmas pudding was pretty good but very British.

AZKelly: hahahaha! Those are British roasted potatoes!

Doug: we could have had turkey for Thanksgiving had you asked!

Heather: it was but you got my mouth watering with your ham and scalloped potatoes! I hope your feet got a rest after dinner!

Steve Cotton said...

Or a leg or lamb -- or prime rib -- or braised shark steaks. The options are endless.