Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Surprise Gift

Some people are just plain nice. Take my neighbor/friend, Kelly for example. Not only has she made a generous cash donation to Project Warm Hands, she arrived at my house for coffee yesterday morning with these in hand:

Count 'em. Twelve little girls in Ursulo Galvin are going to be happy little Dora the Explorer owners. They are so cute and this picture doesn't really do justice to their cuteness. They will be exploring the inside of a box this Thursday when I post them off to Vicente in Xico.

Thank you Kelly. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity are unbelievable. Can I get a group cheer for her?!


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Thank you for sharing what each of the donors are doing. It is an encouragement to us all.

Calypso said...

Wayne - you are so right - there are going to be many happy people from the gifts that are being provided through your efforts - how cool!

Yesterday we received the box you mailed. What beautiful hats and bags. While we are waiting until close to Feliz Navidad to distribute these items when opening the box at Lidia and Vicente's casa yesterday the Godfather of the Hood Don Antonio was there (he is family). I asked the 84 year old gentleman how he was doing. As always he smiled and said he was fine, but very cold at night in his little casa.

We have given him a jacket and a blanket in the past, but apparently he needs more blankets when it gets down in the forties.

In amongst the lovely hats was a terrific dark blue man's knitted hat. We gave the blue hat to him suggesting this might be worm at night to keep his head warm. His eyes welled up with tears - a very thankful Godfather ;-)

Don Antonio thanked us profusely. Anita explained that this not a gift from us, but from foreigners who wanted to help people in Ursulo Galvan. People from other parts of the world had sent contributions and hand made items to our friend in Isla of Mujeres - and he had sent them to the people here.

It was a touching moment. Of course there is great benefit from big boxes of food dropping out of the sky and trucks on street corners distributing things to needy people - but this very personal process seems to have greater importance as it is hands and hearts across borders of simply fellow human beings.

He thanked us profusely - we explained that these were gifts from foreigners around the world who wanted to do something for the people of Ursulo Galvan.

I wish you were able to see the face of that little hombre yesterday - that is the gift you have given us.

Babs said...

Beautiful Calypso - Thanks for telling us.......beautiful.

Islagringo said...

steve: i'm not really aware of what people are doing. Unless they tell me. Which nobody is doing.

juan: see. this is what I am talking about! thanks for letting us know what's happening on that end.

babs: it is beautiful, isn't it.

Islaholic Trixie said...

What a cute picture and a great donation. I totally spaced when there a few weeks ago. I will be more on my game in December!! Flying an airline that still gives us two checked bags at no charge!! Will be bringing many donations for different organizations, including this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wayne for showing the wonderful donation from Kelly.
Hey Kelly, how cute those little Doras are. How are you and Bob doing? I haven’t seen you in years or even Gail who lives 40 minutes away from me.