Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mirror Cracked.....Again

While we were downtown one evening last week, we met this absolutely charming couple here on vacation. They asked an innocent enought question about the island and things led on from there. We really hit it off.

While talking, they mentioned that they read this blog written by some guy on the island. Something about a gringo in paradise. Mmmmm. Sounds familiar. I identified myself. (of course! Bring on the praise!) Guess what they requested?

They wanted the broken mirror shots of themselves. I had no idea how popular those were going to be when I did them, but people mention them to me all the time.

So Ms Tourist.

And Mr Tourist.

They had so much fun that Mr Tourist ran to get his camera and they took a bunch of pics of their own. I never saw how they turned out though.

I'm thinking of putting a copyright or something on that mirror!


Life's a Beach! said...

Okay, I'm embarassed now that I missed this one! I thought I had ready every gringo post! Are the broken mirror shots the reflection in an actual mirror?

Islagringo said...

lab: here's the link for the post you missed:

I have the people pose in front of the mirrors that line the bar at Adelita's Tequilleria. It is a cement floor and very hard on the knees! I am grateful to anybody that is willing to pose. I think it makes for some fun pictures. Maybe I'll do mine one day...if somebody will help me stand back up! lol!

Tom and Debi said...

OK, you DO know ms Tourist is going to kill you for the ass shot. It doesn't matter how thin a woman is, she NEVER appreciates the ass shot!
One day I plan to return to Isla, and I too want a broken mirror photo. It's a very cool shot!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Wayne, I should have had you take my broken mirror picture. When I return in December we will definately have to do this!! Maybe I won't be quite so busy and will be able to spend more time during the day to get to know you, B and Kelly better!!

Calypso said...

Wayne's window pain or through his looking glass.

ron said...

I have a friend photographer who did a series of self-portrait nudes in broken glass.

it was wonderful - I probably have them on a Mac floppy disk somewhere, but I'd have to buy a floppy disk drive to try to read those trayfuls of 3.5 inch disks from back in the 1990's

Michele in Playa said...

Maybe I'll get my turn this weekend! We are headed your way to celebrate Birdie's 7th birthday. I'll ring you up and maybe we can toss back a few and take pictures!

Islagringo said...

debi: oops! When I visited the Yucatan with my Mexican family friends a few years ago, I took a pic of the women going up some ruin steps ahead of me. When they saw it, they almost freaked out on me. I guess I never learn!

itrixie: I hope so. I did enjoy the brief time we did get to chat. (enjoyed your nurse outfit too!)

calypso: cute

ron: good idea but since this is such a public place, I doubt that I would be able to talk anybody into posing like that! Why on Earth are you keeping floppy discs? Can you even find a computer to upload them anymore?

michelle: I'll look forward to it!

BandT said...

Good evening... I love the broken mirror pic! I will have to go back and read the history of it. I had left a message to find you on - what I wanted was to see how your supply of yarn is doing... we are head down on an early morning flight Tuesday and as luck would have it .... I somehow managed to find extra room in my suitcase... so if you are interested in me bring some down- I would love to donate some. Let me know... if there are colors of interest I am going to be headed out to do some shopping before we leave... just tell me and I will see what I can do.

Islagringo said...

bandt: I never read the message boards. You can always reach me via my email posted here on the blog.

What a thoughtful person you are! I can always use more yarn for making hats. Acrylic or acrylic blends that can be machine washed are best. RED HEART brand at WalMart is very good for what I am doing. This is Mexico so think color. The skeins that are a mixture of colors are great too. Whatever you want or can bring would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

Loretta said...

I get tons of comments on my own "shattered" picture. Some people find it sad, others find it scary, others find it interesting. Those who know me well say it fits me perfectly.