Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baseball Tacos

There used to be a very famous taco stand here, a favorite with tourists and locals alike. I don't know if it had a real name but everybody referred to it as baseball tacos. It was located under the bleachers at the baseball field in the middle of the island.

Notice I am using the past tense. Rumor has it that their lease expired and rent was raised so much that they were forced to close. But don't despair!

They have now reopened in a different location. They are now located in Colonia La Gloria on the east side of Salina Grande. Unfortunately for my friend, Dancing Joan, they have opened right next door to her. I find it incredible that a place as popular as this was allowed to open in the middle of a residential neighborhood on what was once a very quiet street.

This is a late night place, opening around 7 PM. I don't know what time they close but I have heard that they are still open at 4 AM, selling tacos and beer to hungry drunks. I certainly would not want to live next door to it!

Sad that a place that was so much fun and served such good tacos is now a pain in the ass.


Life's a Beach! said...

I think the name was (is) El Cachirul? If Joan is the same dancer I know, I bet she doesn't want to stay out dancing until they close. :(

Nancy said...

I've often wondered how the residents on a street with a taco cart, papas cart, or hot dog stand must feel when they move in. The dirty pavement, noise, and traffic must be hard to take.

Steve Cotton said...

"Sad that a place that was so much fun . . . is now a pain in the ass." Sounds like my résumé.

Islagringo said...

LAB: I never heard a real name for it. I don't want to give away Joan's identity anymore than I have, but it is probably the same one. How many other Joans could there be? Someday I'm going to post a video of her dancing.

Nancy: Amen! There is a disco 2 doors down from my "office" at Aluxes Coffee Shop that attracts a rough crowd at night. A hotdog vendor sets up across the street from Aluxes every night. The mess of ketchup, onions and discarded hotdogs that drunks thought they had to have is incredible. And, of course, the vendor could care less. I should use past tense. The owner of Aluxes went downtown one night and had a chat with him. Clean as a whistle when he pulls his cart away now!

Steve: I thought you loved your job so much you were even planning on taking it with you when you retire. Is there something you want to share with us??

IslaZina said...

I love Juanita, aka Joan. But like me, she knew the street was zoned commercial when she bought. Nothing has changed. The tortilleria is still there, Loncheria la Gloria, which she encouraged, is around the corner. It's Mexico and commercial zoning coexists with the residential properties amongst the businesses. Plus, she lives in the second floor. Me, I pick up diapers in the morning that people waiting on pizza unload in the street!

Sue said...

I have to say, it is discouraging that there really does not seem to be such as thing as 'residential' zoning. Carpenters, mechanics, aluminum recyclers, metal workers - all these have shops right beside family dwellings within the streets of the colonias. One cannot buy property and assume it will appreciate, because depending on the neighbors, it very well may depreciate. Not something I'm happy about, but also not anything I can control. I wouldn't be happy about the 4 am stuff either, I wish there was a solution to make everyone happy. But guess there isn't.

And to Steve - LOL, I hear ya on that one!

Anonymous said...

That’s too bad. The place is a real bargain for tourist as well as locals. The sides bar could be a meal in itself. I have been at the old baseball field location when they were not ready to start waiting on customers until 8:00 PM or later. The early crowd was always gringos.
Yes Beck the name on the sign at the old location Tacqueria el Chachirul.