Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paying Duty on Project Warm Hands

It appears that a duty charge may have to be paid if you are sending a box to Xico from the United States. Or from anywhere besides Mexico for that matter. The duty would have to be paid by the recipient.

We do not want poor Mr Garcia to be punished for his kindness by having to pay duty on our charitable items.

So if you are shipping from anywhere outside of Mexico, please hold off. I will be checking with our local customs office to see if there is a way around this. Our only customs office is at the airport so I will be making a trip out there this week to check on this.

Again, thank you all.


Steve Cotton said...

There are quite a few of us who either drive or fky down on a regular or irregular basis. Maybe we could bring extra items when we come. Not to avoid duty -- but to be more efficient.

Jonna said...

Everything I've experienced and read in the last 7 years says that duty will be charged. I'm telling you, Mules are the best way to go.

BTW, they don't care that it is going to the needy as often these donations to the needy end up for sale in a tianguis. Old clothes are looked at very closely.