Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meanwhile, Back Up North

I still have a few photos to share with you from my trip back up North last August. We have been getting hit hard everyday with overcast skies and rain, rain and yes, even more rain. I need a little of that summer sunshine back in my life about now. Ah, the joys of summer.....

There is a little county park near where I stay. It is very picturesque and tranquil. There is a dam that forms a lake with a cascading waterfall that flows into, and possible creates, a wide creek that runs through the park. Despite its' beauty, I rarely ever see anybody there. I guess people just take these kinds of parks for granted.

Outside the very modern bathroom facilities are these two drinking fountains. One for adults and one for children. I just couldn't bring myself to drink out of them. Even though my mind knew it was safe, I am far to accustomed to water issues here in Mexico to be able to do it.

The pond that is formed behind the dam is actually quite large. Of course, the further one gets from the fast flowing waterfall, the more stagnant the water becomes. At times it is hard to even see the water because of all the duckweed.

On one side there is a fishing dock. The nice thing about it, and the whole park, is that it is handicap accesible.

This is the view looking to the left off that dock above. It is the damn with a newly built bridge over it. The waterfall is directly below the brown part and it gives me the creeps to walk out onto it. Scary water!

I did walk across it though because I wanted to get this shot with the shadows. Also to show my car in the parking lot. See what I mean about it not being used much.

At the time of year I was there, the whole thing was ringed with these cattails.

Driving down the dirt road to get home, er, where I was staying, I have to pass this field of white cows. Finally one day they were close enough to the road to get a good shot. It must have been a hot day!

Just another summer day in Wisconsin.


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Close contact with cows and water? It must have been the summer heat.

Babs said...

I'm astonished that you are still getting rain - our rainy season is mid-June til mid-September and then that is it......and very little in September.
I guess you are a lot farther south then San Miguel!
The trees are turning here and it has been cold......YUK. I have even had to wear REAL shoes. Double yuk......

Life's a Beach! said...

I don't think I'd want to dive in and take a swim! The ponds (they call them lakes here) in our neighborhood sometimes get that scummy look with God knows what floating on them when it's really hot. They need more aeration.

I'm anxiously awaiting those new Playa Norte pics. Someone else mentioned on a board yesterday that all last year's progress is now wiped away?


Islagringo said...

steve: I never go in the water or the pasture! Funny how cows and llamas scare me but I will walk into any pasture that has horses and climb onto the back of any horse with no fear at all.

babs: yes, I would say we are a little further south. That big blob of storm trying to develop into something that has been sitting over us for days has now moved on. Still no sun here but no rain either. The wind is horrific though! Our rainy season is roughly Sept-Nov. Our trees don't turn here, mostly palms and almond trees anyway. But shoes! Yuk!

Beck: I have a few more pics I want to take today and I hope to get the playa pics up tomorrow. I would agree that the progress is wiped out. But there is good news coming!