Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Clown Vomit To The Max!

Remember this picture? She was the victim, er, focus of one of my What Were They Thinking posts. I said this shirt looked like a clown had vomited all over it. I do not like tie dye in any way, shape or form. Maybe because I grew up with it and saw way too much of it.

But somebody, somewhere must like it. Look what I stumbled across at the State Fair!

All I can imagine is that somewhere there are a bunch of clowns, much like Santa's elves, locked in a factory somewhere busy vomiting all over fabric in order to make these things.



Arizona Kelly said...

I recently went to a festival and there was a vender there hawking tie-dyed underware. Why a person would do that to a perfectly good pair of Hanes tighty-whiteys is beyond me.

Of course I thought of you immediatley and almost shelled out the $5 to purchase them and bring down to you on our next trip. It would be worth it just to see the expression on your face when presented with such a thoughtful gift :) said...

What makes you so sure it's clown puke and not clown crap?


Beck said...

After yesterday's carnival pics, I was almost afraid to look for fear a clown had thrown up on the rides! Ha!

K.W. Michigan said...

Tie-dyed has made a come back. I agree with you! Tacky looking.. but I would like to see you in the tighty-whiteys tie-dyed!!!! (just joking)

Islagringo said...

Kelly: aw shucks. I'm not worth a $5 gift. (thank goodness!) If you had brought them, I would have had to stand in front of your house wearing them and carrying a sign that says "Look what they wear in Arizona!"

Heather: spray pattern. OMG! Maybe it's clown blood!

beck: that would have been just too funny!

kw: nothing tie-dyed. Never. Ewww to it making a come back!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Last month I was in Eugene -- one of the last vestiges of the excesses of the 60s. I had never seen so much tie dye on so many overweight hippies in their 60s. It is not a good look.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Okay I will go against what appears to be popular opinion. I love Tie-dye. My favorite shirt is a Half Price Books Tie-dye. My kids have them. Husband may be with you guys because he never wears tie-die.

Islagringo said...

steve: I hope it doesn't catch on as vacaion fashion!

american mommy: to each his own.