Monday, September 08, 2008

Revisiting the High Bridge

One of the things that was high (no pun intended!) on our list of things to do while back in the USA was to revisit the high bridge. It must have some other official name, but if it does I don't know it. It is located just a bit south of East Farmington. How's that for good directions!

This is a railroad bridge that spans the one of the widest vallies over the St Croix River that I have seen. It is a scary, dangerous place but worth the risk for the incredible view.

Just the week before we visited it, a couple was out on it, after dark, and the girl fell off and plunged to her death below. Her boyfriend said he could not see her fall but heard her one scream and then the awful sound of her body hitting the struts below and finally, the splash into the water. Ugh. Still, out we ventured!

We are always on the lookout and listen out for an approaching train. There is that little sidewalk that you see in the photo above, but rumor, or legend, has it that if you don't hang on tight to the rail, you will be sucked under the train. Knowing that a train could come along any second adds just another level of adrenaline to the situation.

But look at this view!

Turn around and look up river.

Or, if you prefer, you can just look straight down!

Another view down river, but I wanted to show you something specific. See that little round dark spot just where the shadows start towards the bottom?

Here's that spot zoomed in on.

Yup. It's one of many, many tires that people throw off the bridge. On this day, I spotted multiple tires, several TV's, washing machines and even a grocery shopping cart down there! There was even an old lawnmower that somebody tossed but it got hung up on the struts and was just swinging there in the breeze. You can only see it if you hang over the side just a bit. As much as I love all of you, I was not about to do that with a camera in my hand!

This is a gorgeous spot to visit, if it isn't too windy. I think the reason people throw things off the bridge is summed up in the punch line of this old, old joke.

Mother: Son! Why did you poop in the well?

Son: Because I like to hear it go "plunk"!


Jackie said...

How did someone get a washing machine out there on the bridge and toss it over? Wow, that must have been quite the ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks .. now my hands are sweaty and my stomach is blah!!!! Are you crazy going on that track? Don't answer that....
KW from Michigan

Loretta said...

I get vertigo just looking at the pictures! Glad you're home safe. Mike and I are pining for Isla. Don't be surprised if we show up for one of the impending holidays.

Jonna said...

That's a beautiful spot. I'll bet the girl that fell had been drinking. I can see that as a daredevil place for drunk teens to go.

... pooping in the well really grossed me out, just saying.

islagringo said...

jackie: there's more than one down there! I think people are probably drunk or stoned and think it is a good idea to watch something fall so far.

kw: look closely. I am only as far as one of the side flows. The actual river is way over to the right. I won't go that far, only far enough to see the water and get a view. Imagine being more than half way across and a train came at you. No way you could run over half way before it was upon you!

loretta: I'll be here waiting!

jonna: rumor had it that they had been drinking and they were known as party kids. Highly likely that booze and drugs were involved. Or did she really slip? Rumor also had it that she was pregnant.

Steve Cotton said...

Just a reminder when people complain about Mexicans throwing trash along the road. You want litterers? We got ourselves some champ-een sorts up this way.

Mexico "Way" said...

How cool Wayne. Glad you took my advice about taking pictures of rail you can make a coffee table book. lol.

Islaholic Trixie said...

It just irritates the crap out of me that people would throw appliances, tires, etc into a beautiful landscape. We have cleaned our ditches here in the country several times. Every year, people drop their garbage off...old Air conditioners, toilets, etc. We again go and clean it up.
I have noticed with the rising gas prices that it has slowed down a little. More gas to drive out to the country then to pay the price in town to dispose of it.
I have never hear of this bridge. I may have to take a little road trip up to see it one of these days. Maybe when the leaves change colors. Then I'll post it for you.

Babs said...

R U CRAZY? You couldn't PAY me to go out on a train bridge like that - good grief!

islagringo said...

steve: hear, hear!

mexico way: now you know how it's done! LOL!

trixie: if you decide to go, let me know. I'll send you directions.

babs: yes, to the first question! Notice that I only went a teensy little bit out onto it. Crazy, yes, stupid, no!