Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gonna Be A Busy Day

Have you all been following Hurricane Ike? I watch my hurricane sites several, nay, hundreds, of times a day. I know from personal experience that living through and then with the aftermatch of one of these beasts is NOT fun. Even though we are not predicted to get hit by Ike, we are still going to feel him. In fact, it's starting already.

I heard the wind pick up last night, strong enough to wake me. Not a good thing. When I checked the radar at 6:30 AM this morning, his outer bands were already just barely touching us. The ocean is starting to get that green look (not a good thing here!) and the waves are coming in faster and a bit higher than normal.

Tropical storm force winds, 39-73 MPH, are currently extending out from the eye for 195 miles. They are expected to pass within 187 miles of us by tomorrow morning at 6:48 AM. So I am fully expecting that we are going to get hit by some strong winds and high water. Oh, how I hate this.

This afternoon/evening we will be waterproofing as much as we can without actually putting boards on the windows, putting away all plastic furniture and storing plants that could be damaged. And setting up a place for the kitties to stay indoors too!

Of course, today is the day that we have to go to Cancun to drop off all the paperwork and our applications to switch or residency status from FM3 to FM2. Wish we could postpone but we don't dare. That means that I have to be in a boat, with this wind and waves, TWICE ! today.

Ain't life grand!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Friend, please take care. I'm always thinking of my friends during hurricane season. I have been watching the weather channel. The damage in Haiti and Cuba .. those poor people. I pray it doesn't damage our Cancun. Be careful on that boat .. especially if you are taking pictures.
Board up and hang tight..
KW from Michigan

Islaholic Trixie said...

"Just Another Day in Paradise?"
Hope you and Isla are safe and Ike stays his distance.

Jamqueen said...

Wayne, stay safe!

Steve Cotton said...

Remember the bridge? I think the train is coming.

Loretta said...

We'll be watching Ike's progress and thinking of you. Stay safe!

IslaZina said...

Well, I made an FM@ and Walmart trip today too! And it wasn't so bad. But I must resume my nap. I go back to CUN three more times this week! Arrghhh....timing your immigration documents is everything!