Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Almost Home Again

Today is finish packing day. You know how that goes. Trying to push and shove all the stuff I bought with no regard to my actual space available into an already crowded suitcase. Not to mention finding hiding spots for stuff I think they might confiscate if found.

So tomorrow I will be waving goodbye to the skyline of Minneapolis around 7 AM. Yes, a 7 AM flight! At least I will be home, barring any problems, by 12:30 PM or so. I'll be glad to get home if for no other reason than I will be able to cut my toenails again! I forgot to pack the trimmers and I swear I could almost climb a tree barefoot!

Until I see you later this week, here is one of my favorite farm photos from these past weeks. I call it "Llama through the manure spreader". Catchy, huh!


Islaholic Trixie said...

You should have stopped at the "hoof trimming barn" at the Great Minnesota Get Together. They could have trimmed those tree climbers up for ya!!
I'm sure it will be nice to get back home to Isla. Hope all your travel goes well and you get the green light!! Thanks for taking us on your vacation.

Mexico "Way" said...

Safe trip Wayne! Thanks for taking us on your trip with you!

jamqueen said...

Hope you had a safe flight back to Isla & didn't lose anything at immigration & customs!

Loretta said...

IMNSHO, the best thing about vacation is going home. Your own bed. Your own shower. Your own manure spreader. Oh, wait, you probably don't need one of those - you have the no crime on Isla task force. Sorry, did I say that out loud? Happy and safe travels, Wayne!