Monday, July 28, 2008

A Visiting Fireboy!

Fireboys seem to come and go here on Isla. Except for Angel. He lives here permanently. I haven't posted any video of him lately. Believe me though, he is much improved, if that is possible! He's twirling those orbs of fire so fast now you can hardly see them. I have never seen anybody do it faster.

Every so often a new face appears on the scene. Whomever it is, Angel and his group of drummers always seem to welcome them. No air of competition at all. Smart. This most recent one is fairly good at the orbs, even able to throw those lit chains into the air and catch them! I noticed Angel praticing this on the sidelines so I assume he will be adding that trick to his repetroire soon. But, no mistake, he is not up to Angel caliber.

He does surpass Angel in one area though...the glowing baton stick. Although I would have like to have seen him move a little faster, he was worth applauding. He throws that burning thing into the air like a giant baton and then catches it. The highlight of his performance is when he puts it on his neck and does all kinds of tricks while circling with it. Never using his hands to move it from to back, shoulder to shoulder. Interesting. See what you think.

I have several more 20 second videos that shows his full range. They also did a few duets, twirling their orbs at the same time and then Angel would break dance while this other guy worked his stick. Since it took me over an hour to upload just this one video, I think I'll give uploading the larger files a miss.

I do think this new fireboy and his girlfriend have a brain between them. She actually passed the hat for donations WHILE the show was going on. Clever girl. Most of these guys, Angel included, wait until the show is over before doing this. Too late then. Crowd has dispersed.

I hope to catch the act again before he leaves town. Which he eventually will do.


Islaholic Trixie said...

Are there enough spectators at night right now for donations? This guy did look to be in "slow motion" compared to Angel.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Wayne. There is something about playing with fire that is fascinating entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I got to agree with Brenda. He looks like he is in slo mo. Smart move thought taking up the collection before everyone walks off. Do remember about 6 years ago the girl with the dreds who did the baton thing and her partner who played a flute or something? I always was afraid her hair was going to burst into flames.