Sunday, July 20, 2008

Find Her An Empty Lap, Fellows!

Woke up to rolling thunder bangers this morning and knew it was not going to be good. Yup, a tropical storm is passing over us. Totally unexpected even though I check the Hurricane sites every day. Radar sites too.

The eye of TS Dolly is expected to pass over the northern Yucatan overnight. Bringing with it sustained winds of 45 MPH and up to 6" of rain. Great. At least it's not a true Hurricane yet. That will probably happen once it exits the Yucatan and hits that warm Gulf water. Watch out USA!

We have a renter this month in the cabana. I looked over there at one point and discovered that she had gone off to Cancun and left all the windows wide open! So I went over there and squeeged out the place and left her a bunch of rags to clean up more when she gets home. Oh. I shut and locked the windows too!

So we are expecting a rough night. Already the winds are blowing the palm trees sideways and we've taken in all the plastic furniture....and the cats!

See you on the other side of this!

UPDATE: 9:20 PM. Now, that was scary! A police truck just came by, loudspeaker on full volumn. It was warning people that a TS was upon us! (like, who hadn't noticed??) At any rate, they were advising people to take all precautions one does for a hurricane, that all fishermen should get to their boats and secure them on land immediately AND people living in front of the ocean should prepare for a large storm surge!

Great. I went upstairs to the front balcony, just before dark, to have one final look see. It was a tad bit scary. I had to hang onto the railing and the wind wanted to plaster me against the wall. Worse though was that the surge was already half way to the road. It still had a ways to go. Now I'm gonna worry all night about the damn ocean coming in my front door! The waves, last I could see them, were about 8 feet high. This is some serious shit.


CancunCanuck said...

Glad you got the cats in, lol. Hope the tenant gets back soon, do you know if they have closed the port?

Hang on tight and have a good snuggly evening! Get some storm pics if you feel like stepping out!

Steve Cotton said...

See what happens? I leave Mexico and things start falling apart. I hope you ride out this one all right. You should be wet -- but OK.

Loretta said...

You know I'll be watching. Holy Cow. Three at once. Not liking the way the season is shaping up...

Brenda said...

Take care and stay dry.

harvestmoon said...

Our governor came on at 9pm and said landfall was supposed to be between Xel-Ha and Cozumel. He says Alerta Rojo at 10:30 - about 15 mintues ago.

Watching CUN's rain radar lets me see that you guys are now getting some of Dolly's wrath.

She has lost her COC so the hit should not be as hard as it could have been, but you are definitely in my thoughts.

We prepared for Cat 1 here just incase it intensified but so far it has been pretty benign.

Should get worse from now on though, and begin letting up around 3am.

Thinking of you guys and hunker down!

Anonymous said...

Be safe... and hold on tight. cat 1. ok not great but better than a 4. again, safe be safe. you are in our thoughts. - trina

Jonna said...

Hang on Wayne, the surge is often more dangerous than the wind. We're fine so far down here, I think the brunt is now up in the Yucatan channel - where you are.

They did close all the ports, I heard that much earlier about Cozumel. Plus they closed the highway south of Tulum. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I know it was scary, but a video woulda been interesting...!

harvestmoon said...

@Jonna - that was probably part of Alerta Rojo. I can't remember all the items of each alert, but I know with Red, you're not supposed to be on Federal roads. If you can pick up SolEstereo down there (89.9) they run PSAs all the time listing what all the different alerts mean.

I think I'll write them down next time and post them.