Monday, July 21, 2008

You're Still Growing, You're Still Going Strong

Like every other blogger on the Caribbean Coast this morning, I can't get that damn song out of my head! Sadder than that, Dolly is still hanging on around here. At least now I know what happens when we aren't prepared for a storm of that magnitude.

What a night. Don't want to repeat it again very soon. I don't think we have a dry towel or rag left in the house. The wind was so strong that it was blowing the rain through the slats in our wooden windows. What a mess. I was up until very late last night. Today promises to be fun though.

Here's where Dolly was at 11:15 PM last night. The leading edge was right on top of us.

By 2:15 AM, she was right on top of Cancun.

And here's what she looks like at 8 AM.

I think the worst is over but we are still in for a fun day. At least the rain appears to have stopped. The waves are still huge and crashing with a mighty force. It looks like a wild Puerto Escondido out there! It is kind of cool how the tops get blown off just before they break. The surge did not come as high as they warned us though. I worry about that a lot. Especially once it gets dark out and I can't see the water anymore!

I'm torn about going across and getting some really dramatic photos and videos. Great blogger material but I don't think I want to risk my camera. The salt spray is so strong it will get blown into every little opening in the camera so I best not be doing that. We'll see though. The temptation is so strong!

Gonna finish my coffee now, try to find a towel dry enough to dry myself off after a shower and then head out on an inspection tour. Oh, and Kelly, I'm off to buy some water!
UPDATE: 12:45 PM
Here's where Dolly is now. The little X is about where we are:
The size of the waves has diminished considerably but they are still coming in fast and furious. We have been hit by very heavy rains this morning. We were downtown and the streets flooded to the floorboards of my car in mere minutes. Sorry, no pictures. Everything is wet and damp. I think this afternoon will be a good time for a much needed siesta!


Anonymous said...

I slept right through it. The reward, I guess, for living 7 blocks away from the beach.

Hope you're staying dry and safe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on what’s up with Dolly. I hope she is far away by now and you are dry and safe.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are OK .. I worry about my "friends" during hurricane season. Thanks for keeping us updated. Pictures would be great, but don't risk damaging the camera.
Stay safe ..
KW from Michigan

harvestmoon said...

Wow, you guys got really hammered. The north end of the storm was the worst - Cuba got hammered also. Rainy and grey as we're all still in her convection but no winds (except yesterday afternoon) to speak of. Honestly, if I hadn't been following this storm since it was off the African coast, I never would have noticed a difference between it and other storms.

It was good practice though; the comedor is FULL of plastic bins full of stuff but now the palapa is REALLY clean! :)

And a heads up - the next wave coming off the African coast is already forecast to be a record-breaker. Enormous potential. Maybe if we all blow really hard it will simply be a violent fish storm. But people are expecting it will be hurricane status a day or two after it comes off Africa.

Brenda said...

Glad you are safe and relatively dry.

RiverGirl said...

Wow! You got hit! In centro de Cancun Dolly was a non-event. I slept right through most of it. We even had the windows in the bedroom open most of the night and didn't get rained on in bed.

Small Change said...

Glad it passed with, what sounds like, little damage and all is safe. I can only imagine what the waves must have been like across from the house!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the rain was a good thing ... and there's nothing my cat loves m ore than a good thunder-boomer...(r-i-i-i-ght...)

It's gotta be a little cooler...

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are safe! ok, go buy water, batteries, food. just stock up. you know? safety first! ;o)
if you get a chance, take pictures!! take care - Trina

AHealey said...

Glad you are OK. They just showed Cancun on our local news here in California, the waves looked huge. Stay safe and dry!

Islaholic Trixie said...

I hadn't been online all weekend because of the big class reunion. Didn't even know Isla was getting hit with this storm until last night. Hope it's all past and you are dried out!!