Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cuter Than Cute!

What a great weekend! But I'll start that story tomorrow, once I have had a chance to catch my breath and get it all put together! Meantime...

One day last week, the last day of school for the kids here in fact, our friend Luis and his wife brought their two little boys over to visit. Andre, on the right, had just completed kinder and this was the outfit he wore for the school pageant.

That's his younger brother on the left. Don't let the picture fool ya. These two fight constantly and they are both diablitos to the nth degree! But today is about their cuteness.

I am firmly convinced that Andre is going to be a popular lad with the senoritas as he gets older. He already has that smooth, smoldering Latino machismo attitude going...and he is only 5!

After much coaxing, which included the promise of a lollypop when he was done, I got him to sing some of the song he performed. The sound is horrible. Just enjoy it for what it is, a little guy trying to act all grown up. (hey Andre, a little less playing with the wardrobe please! LOL!)

By the way, when I wanted him to pose for his picture, he insisted that his little brother be in the shot with him. Guess they do kind of like each other after all!


Anonymous said...

What adorable little guys. I see what you are saying about Andre. Watch out chicas!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Now isn't that the cutest!! Glad to see you back safe.

CancunCanuck said...

Waaaaay cute Wayne! He's going to be a lady killer for sure! :)

Tom and Debi said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. Glad the trip was good and can't wait to hear all about it!


Steve Cotton said...

Nothing like a picture of brothers -- fighting or not.