Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Word From Our Sponsor

June did not end well for us. First, we had the neighbor, Fatso, pulling his dirty trick that will probably end up being the straw that broke our back. Then, in the same week, the TV bit the dust, the microwave exploded (sort of) and the pump on the washing machine broke. We needed a break. Heather to the rescue!

I moaned and groaned and just generally wailed via email until she took pity on us and invited us down to Playa del Carmen for the pig roast being held at Bad Boys Bar. More on that later. But first I want to show you the digs where she put us up. A humble little place, off the beaten path in a quiet residential neighborhood. But within easy walking distance of several good restaurants, the grocery store Mega Commercial and Fifth Avenue! And within easy walking distance of Heather's home and office so she could easily check on us to be sure we were behaving ourselves! If she had wanted.

Check this out. Wild curtains! This is the left side of the living room. I spent a bit of time on that couch! I got most of a new scarf knit while just chillaxing in the air conditioning! Behind those spots is a sliding door just steps away from the....drumroll.....pool!

The other side of the living room. We never even turned the TV on! Yeah for us!

From that couch, I had this view of the dining area. It is all skewed because I was probably lying down again when I took the picture. Lots of relaxing was had!

What is there to say about a well appointed kitchen but ahhhhh. Heather had brought over a coffee pot, filters and coffee. With that, our most dire need was met.

View from those spotted curtains looking to the kitchen. For being so humble, this place was huge! The staircase leads to the bedrooms upstairs.

The master bedroom, complete with king size bed! Even though I slept here, B and L refused to call me master! Cheaters.

The back bedroom, queen size bed, with a small patio overlooking the POOL! I know what they would have called me had I slept in this room! Each bedroom has a private bath. Very nice.

Da-da! The pool! Sweet, refreshing, relaxing and gobs of fun. The plant life surrounding it was super fantastic. I even have a picture of me swimming in the pool which I will show you later. Just to prove that I am not afraid of the water...just what may be in it!

For more information on this property and lots of other Playa stuff, go here.


Babs said...

How GREAT that you got away! I find I need to go somewhere about every 4 months to keep my perspective - which is ALWAYS skewed, ha!
That pool looks fabulous......
AND I loved the blog about the little boys - sweet!

tacogirl said...

Looks like a fabulous place to relax and unwind

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! It sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing mini vacation. Good for you.
KW from Michigan

Anonymous said...

If you think that place is humble, you are NEVER seeing the shack I live in, that's for sure!

So great to have seen you all this past weekend, I know I wasn't feeling 100% and so probably wasn't as gregarious as I normally would be, but I LOVED the time we spent together (and the FOOD we ate!).

My turn in Isla next.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Looks like a beautiful place to relax!!
Our microwave on Isla didn't even last a year before it sparked out. Electronics take a beating in that salt air. Especially when we close our place up, with no a/c, for most of the summer months.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

It's the climate that does in microwaves and other electronics. Ours died in January and I still haven't replaced it.
I understand about getting away, we are getting a little stir crazy too.
The "humble" apartment looks perfect, Heather is good friend indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a BEAUTIFUL place!! I can't imagine how relaxed you all must have felt... the pool alone would have thrown me into "vacation mode" Good for you getting away from exploding microwaves, everyone needs that get away from reality. Take care.