Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Wall

Some of you may recall the drama of the wall last week. Before I deleted the posts about it. This one.

One week after issuing the order to take it down, the City showed up to do it themselves. The owner had refused to do it himself. They tried to back a truck up the driveway but couldn't do it.

So they backed into the yard next to that. Here they are discussing who is the boss and the best way to dismantle the wall, while wearing tight jeans and cowboy boots.

Many hands make light labor.


The best part? The big beef (or at least part of it) was that these rocks had been removed from the Federal Zone area across the street. They were part of the breakwall of rocks placed there to keep the next hurricane from eroding the road. Guess whether or not they took the rocks back to where he got them!

Edited to Add: the removal of this wall of rocks was NOT a good thing, in my opinion. It was done because the neighbors who cut across the front of properties to get to the beer store bitched about having to step over it.


Michele in Playa said...

Darn it all. I always miss the good stuff. I am going to have to guess that the dismantling of the "wall" is a good thing, yes?

Steve Cotton said...

This could be another example in Eddie Willers' parade of bureaucratic escapades. At least, it is gone. I just hope the road stays there. Maybe the rocks are now an exhibit in an administrative hearing.

Mexico Way said...

What sucks is that you kind of had to be stuck in the middle of it all. Hope thats the last of it but my guess

Hollito said...

For me this "wall" looked like a trace of petrified dinosaur poop. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hhmm? I am guessing the rocks did not go back to where tehy came from.