Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remembering Isla

Thanks to Windows Vista, I had to recently buy a new printer. My old one is not compatible with Vista. (what is???) So I went out and bought a combo printer, scanner and copier. I finally had some time to go through the limited number of pictures I saved and brought with me to my life down here. I strongly suggest that you enlarge them to see the detail. Scanning is not the clearest thing known to man! I'll start this trip down memory lane with some photos of an Isla long ago.

Here we are at North Beach, circa 1993. This is in front of what is now the restaurant and bar at the NaBalam Hotel. This was long before they completed the condos that are across the way. The little pylon looking things are no longer visible today, long since covered by sand, under the water. They were put there for the same reason we now see them along North Beach....to conteract erosion.

Same beach, slightly different angle.

This was the ferry dock, circa 1990/1991. It is now used by the Magana ferry only. The current UltraMar ferry dock is just to the right of this. There are two boats at the dock. The one closest to shore is the old wooden boat that used to take 45 minutes to get here from Puerto Juarez. The boat furthest out came over from the hotel zone, most probably Playa Linda.

Moving south, this is construction under way for what is the current Garrafon Reef Park. This view is from the lookout just south of it.

Now this I found really interesting. It is the old Punta Sur, South Point, before it got turned into a theme park. Where that really wide light brown area of dirt is on the bottom of the picture is where the wall that keeps people out is now located. One used to be able to just walk out to the point, enjoy the view and gaze in amazement at the fake Mayan ruin out there. Nowadays this area is a ticket only area and is filled with sculptures.

A view of the original lighthouse. The current one is still the same lighthouse. They just built a fancy shell around it. This view was taken from where the Caribbean Village is now located. About where the public bathrooms are located.

Wow. This is the road leading away from Cabanas Maria del Mar on North Beach. Just to the left of where these people are walking is now the dive shop with the apartments above it. Just to the left of the utility poles is where the Convention Center is now located. This was circa 1995.

Hidalgo Avenue, our main street downtown, circa 1992. Everybody who has been here knows this street. The Video Bar is now Restaurant Marquesita. That black doorway next to it is where we rented golf carts for our blogger meeting last April. Next to that is Viva Mexico convenience store, which is still there. Way down the street you can see Hotel Belmar written in blue. This is the hotel located above Rolandi's restaurant.

Leaving Isla for a moment, this is the pyramid at Chichen-Itza in 1990. Back in the day when one could still climb to the top...if you dared!

I dared! Going up wasn't bad. Coming down was a whole different story. It felt almost like a vertical descent. Running along the top of the steps, right next to my right foot, was a heavy chain, anchored at the top and bottom. People used it to hang onto as they descended the steps on their butts. Me included! This picture was taken about 20 steps from the bottom when I finally dared to stand up!

Finally, a little something closer to home...my home! This is the property where the cabana is currently located. This is what it looked like in 2000 when we bought it. The house we now live in next door was not yet on the market. We didn't buy the house we live in until March 2003. Notice the attention to detail in landscaping.

And what this same piece of property looked like in February 2005. I think it looks a little better now!

Thanks for joining me on this little trip. If y'all are nice, I might post some other memory pictures! But not of Isla!


Anonymous said...

Gracias for the trip down memory lane. Can't wait till tomorrow.
KW from Michigan

jamqueen said...

Great photos! We've only been going to Isla for 10 years & I see how much it's changed in that time--even more so from these earlier shots...more, more!

Brenda said...

Your place definately looks much better now than in 2005. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne, I have some of the same photos from 1993. I stayed at Na Balam my first trip to Isla and remember that walk was not the best.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I miss most on Isla is the Old Punta Sur. The mayan lighthouse, you could frequently see dolphins from above.On the west side you could climb down to a very quiet enclosed area of the bay. It was a lovely, restful beautiful place. Progess sucks.

el oso

lisaloveloca said...

I'll give you my best Minnesota nice! I'd LOVE to see pics from memory memory lane!! You gotta have some good old MN pics in your collection too, no? Yay! I can't wait! I hope everyone is on their best behavior!!

Steve Cotton said...

You just gave me an idea for a blog post -- house architecture. Film at 11.

JoAnne in CT said...

WOW what a difference!! I just love seeing pics of the "old" Isla! Makes me wish we could have seen her before all the changes. Thanks for sharing!

Michele in Playa said...

Great old photos!! You'll be happy to have these!!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Thanks for the pics Wayne. The changes of Isla really hit home after looking at those!! More please, please, please!!!

Mexico Way said...

You know, you'd think it wasn't THAT long ago, but the pictures compared to what it looks like now surely let you know, it MUST have been a while ago!

I'm just glad I saw Punta Sur before they started blocking it off and putting up metal statues.

Babs said...

Well, its been 30 years since I've been to Isla - 1978 - and it was people laying in hammocks in palm thatched bungalows. Glad I saw it THEN! I COULD dig out my photos of Cancun when it was only 3 hotels too.......Geez i wonder where those photos are........Thanks for sharing.