Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Always What You Think

There's a lot going on in this picture. At first glance you can see that the shoes are unhooked. Closer inspection shows why. Notice the bandaid. These are probably shared shoes among the female members of the family. When they got to this person, they must have been a bit tight and caused this blister on her heel. Ouch.

But the bigger picture is a bit more shocking. At the age of about 6, she is already in training for a life time of wearing high heel shoes.


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Nice photo essay. Clever capture in the second photograph. I see you are honing your clandestine skills.

lisaloveloca said...

At least she's not wearing the tee shirt that says "SEXY" stretched skin tight across her little six-year-old chest! I've seen that here too! *shakes head* *heavy sigh*

MD in Texas said... least she has a helmet for her scooter! :-)

Islaholic Trixie said...

I see she is already sporting a "midriff" style shirt too. I wonder if she is just holding mom or dad's helmet for them.

John W said...

Your little girl is in training to be appealing to men in her culture, just as ten-year-olds in Sunnyvale are with their bare midriffs. Gustavo Arelleno, in his wonderful--and sadly now defunct--column, "¡Ask a Mexican!" points out that it's a singular failing of Norteamericanos that we don't appreciate the need for wearing high heels at the swap meet.