Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Night at BadBoys

When I asked Heather if she knew of any cheap hotels where I could stay while visiting, she offered me this great little place....for free! It is called Villa Los Almendros and looks like a private home. I have been paying attention to window bars lately and I really liked the ones on the house. Decorative and effective at the same time.

Heather escorted me across the front yard, in front of the window pictured above, and showed me the staircase to my room on the second floor. I don't do steps very well but figured it was one night, I wouldn't be travelling them that much and I never look a gift horse in the mouth!

Good thing too. Here's the view from my private back porch.

Turn around from those double sliding glass doors and you see this.

Wow. There were two of these sofas in the living room. The place was huge. Very tastefully decorated too, if you ask me. Look at the vanity sink in the bathroom. The whole place was just incredible, well located, quiet and comfortable. It even has a king size bed.

After the dog washing, Heather and I split up for awhile. We both needed a good washing of our own. About an hour later, all scrubbed and with someplace to go, we headed out for this beach bar.

It's called BadBoys and they have a live band on Saturdays from 4 - 8 PM. If you are in Playa on a Saturday night, don't miss it. Heather is in the picture above, schmoozing and talking all lovey with her BF, Mike, who was nice enough to join us. I'm not going to point them out to you though.

The place was crowded, both outside on the beach and inside around the bar. But not so crowded that I didn't bump into Michelle and Rob though. You'll remember them from the Blogger Blowout a few weeks back. No picture of them though.

The best part of this bar is undoubtedly the band, Nasty Bastards. (who chooses these names in Playa!!!) They are the house band but they don't play alone. I'm not sure how they work it, but I think people write down their names and specialities when they get there and give it to the band leader. As the evening moves along, he calls up various people who have signed up to guest with the band. Kind of chancy if you ask me. But it all works out for the good and we got to listen to some awesome guitar playing, drug banging and even a couple of good singers.

I have some awesome video of the band and one singer in particular. However, I have been trying since Monday morning to upload them via Blogger or YouTube and neither one will cooperate! If I ever do get them to upload, I'll update and let you know.

Once the bar closed down at 8 PM!, Heather and I headed out to meet up with Mike, the nice BF, for dinner. He had gone home to take care of the dogs so that Heather could spend more time with me. We went to some Italian place on the corner of something and 5th Avenue. Fancy schmancy looking but the prices were really quite reasonable. I ordered what the waiter told me was a calzone but ended up being an overly huge quesadilla. Oh well, it was good anyway.

After dinner, Heather and I parted company with promises to meet up in the morning, since I was leaving early to catch my ferry back to Isla. I knew she wouldn't stand me up because I had the keys to her condo! I called Heather Sunday morning and let her know I was just going to grab a quick cup of coffee and then head out. I would call her when I was passing back by her house. It was when I went to pay for my coffee that I discovered that I only had a 500 peso note on me. Might as well have been a million dollars for all the change that the coffee did not have. So I decided to grab some quick cash from the ATM and get some smaller bills. This is when the $*%&#^ machine ate my card. Which I now have a new one, thank you very much.

In summary, I can't really say I had a great time. Mostly because I had a super fantastic, I want to visit again type time! I look forward to both that and the day Heather and BF get their butts up to Isla so I can show them as great a time as they did me. Thank you Heather!!!


wayne said...

Yes, dear readers, I know it says "drug banging" instead of "drum banging". It's a typo and I thought it too funny to change.

heatherinparadise said...

Great pics, Wayne! I'm glad you had such a good time, I just wish it could have been longer. Oh well, we are going to come harass you on the island soon.

If anyone is interested in renting or buying Villa Los Almendros (they are two separate homes, one a 1 br condo and the other a 2 br townhouse) contact me at

Thanks again, Wayne!

lisaloveloca said...

I wanna go drug banging with Heather too -LMAO- sounds like you kids had a blast!

Jonna said...

I loved 'drug banging' - it so perfectly describes some of these gringos that come down here, let their hair go to dreads, buy an overpriced drum and decide they have the caribbean rhythm, ¡jah man!

Saturday afternoons huh? We'll have to try and make Bad Boys when we get back to the coast.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. The condo is lovely,I'll keep it in mind if anyone one I know is heading that way.