Thursday, May 08, 2008

Birthday Party

We were just sitting around, doing a lot of nothing on Monday night, when the phone rang. It was Paty, owner of Adelita's Tequileria. She said she had something for us at the bar and could we come get it? We said "Sure!", even though we had no idea what it could be. So off we went.

When we got there, she handed us a very formal printed invitation to her birthday party, which was being held in Cancun (the next day!) at the hotel/restaurant her father-in-law owns there. She had also invited the wait staff so we all agreed to meet and go over on the ferry together. But the boys had a plan. They wanted us to go over early, on the 1 PM ferry, even though the party wasn't due to start until 3 PM. They wanted to take us someplace special before we went to the party.

I was a little nervous about this but we agreed to go. What the hey, if they thought we were special enough to take us someplace special, who were we to say no? So here is where we landed.

Not enough of a hint? Try this then.

It's the Cancun Bull Ring. I knew we weren't going to have time to see a bull fight, nor did I want to. Besides, it was Tuesday and bullfights are on Wednesdays. So why were we here? Was it for this?

Nope. Even though it was a Sports Bar (spit, gag, yuk), that's not why we were there. (the bottom perimeter of the ring is all bars and stuff) We had come to this bar for one reason only. Tuesday was 2 x 1 Michelada day!*** The boys planned to load up before they went to the party and wanted us to get a bit plastered with them. Ok, I'm all for a good time, but I just couldn't see getting wasted before attending a party where I knew I was going to be presented as the token Gringo and made a fuss over. (if you don't understand this, let me know and I will explain this phenomenon in a later post) So I had a nice cold Sol and B had a Margarita Rocas. Or two.

After the boys were suitably spiced up, we grabbed a cab and headed for the party. We arrived a little before 4 PM, an hour after the official start time. Here's a picture of the crowd.

Mexicans are notoriously late at getting started. It filled up by 5 PM though.

This was next to our table.

Nobody went hungry. There was a special table set up with four kinds of taco meat, served by the couple who had made it for the party. I remember there was Relleno Negro and Conchanita Pibil. The other two are kind of fuzzy. I do remember that they were delicious. There was only one kind of salsa though. HOT! Remember this was a celebration for Mexicans and they can take it hot. I swear I was breathing fire after eating it and my lips burned for hours!

After everybody had taken a turn at devouring 50 or 60 tacos each, cake was brought out. Not just one, but four of them! I love cake so I was in heaven. I had a big piece of each one except the one in the upper right. I don't like fruity cakes. Here's Paty getting ready to light the symbolic candles.

Make a wish and blow!

Of course, from somewhere in the crowd came the traditional yell "Mordita, mordita!" I suspect it was led by her husband, Juan, owner of Fayne's where the Friday night meet and greet was held for the Blogger Blowout. If you don't understand what a mordita is, take a look at these pics.

Yup. Just as you go to take a little bite of the cake, some kind soul squashes your face into the cake. I have seen whole cakes destroyed by this (gasp!) with nobody getting a piece afterwards. I like the more civilized but fun way of just getting a little frosting on the birthday persons' face and leaving the cake intact for those of us who love it!

Drinks were not overlooked either. There was an open, well stocked bar available. It was impossible to have an empty glass or bottle in front of you. Tequila shots were spread around liberally also. Since B and Paty are officially "Amigos por siempre", she brought a special one to our table. I passed since everybody knows I don't do tequila. Maybe Paty should have passed on a few also, but she sure was having a good time!

Remember Sister Elizabeth from the anniversary party last March? I posted a picture of her sitting on my lap. She was a bit more sober on Tuesday and declined my invitation to have another picture taken. (or maybe it was because I gave her a copy of the other pic??) At any rate, she sure has lost weight. Looking good, senorita!

We finally bid our farewells, which took 15 minutes and somehow included a conga line out the door, and made our way back to the Ultramar ferry for the return trip to Isla. Even though we had been fed well, you know how drunks are. We were all famished as soon as we smelled McD's at the ferry. Some people got this.

I opted for just a large order of fries. Yes, this is a large order before consumption. They kind of skimp on the portions here.

Despite the late hour, we finally boarded the next ferry and made it back to Isla just fine. We did get a bit confused about what time the next ferry left though!

All in all a great time was had and we were thrilled and honored to have been a part of this celebration!

*** Michelada Recipe (from Wikepedia)

In a chilled Salt-rimmed mug or glass pour in 325 mL (12 Fl. oz.) of tomato juice or Clamato. Clamato is becoming more common.
A few drops of hot sauce, such as Valentina or Bufalo. McIlhenny's Tabasco sauce is not usually used, as it leaves a slight vinegary aftertaste.
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
A few drops of Maggi seasoning or soy sauce.
Squeeze a lime wedge (lemon wouldn't be strong nor sour enough).
Mix the ingredients in the glass.
Slowly add one 325 mL (12 Fl. oz.) Mexican beer (preferably a light beer like Sol or Corona).


Anonymous said...

Hombre - you are quite the party boy! I came across the photo of you and sister Elizabeth yesterday - OH how I wanted to use that photo (permission denied understandably ;-)

As always fun photos - now get some rest.

Juan C.

Anonymous said...

those cakes look divine, especially the chocolate ones! wish i were back in mexico. we are experiencing our ellensburg winds again-i'm so tired of this weather. i have to live vicariously through all my blogger buddies who are sob.

have a great weekend!

Babs said...

What an honor to be included in a Mexican celebration - I totally GET it!

lisaloveloca said...

Man ya just gotta love a good b-day party!! Mmmmm cake n beer! Super best b-day combo!! Sounds like you guys had a blast! What is the hotel/restaurant called?? Maybe I'll check it out!

Mexico Way said...

Wayne, meet me at 58:00 hours ok?

Question. Where is this restaurant with the pool and can I go swimming in it?

Hollito said...

I swear I was breathing fire after eating it and my lips burned for hours!

Hehehe, that is exactly how a good salsa must be! :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm curious...token gringo?