Friday, April 04, 2008

Update on the Island Builder

My friend, Summer, really wanted to see the island that was being built out of plastic bottles here on the island. I did a post about this place awhile back. I had five garbage bags full of bottles so I loaded them into the trunk of the car and off we went.

I was shocked and dismayed by what we found. As soon as we pulled in I noticed that the lovely little campsite with the firepit was gone. Completely dismantled. Where you park and where this campsite was located is at the base of a little mound of sand. The water is not visible unless you walk a bit up this hill. As we were standing there, discussing this developement, a nice young woman came over the crest of the hill. I asked her what had happened.

She said that the owner of the land had asked that they relocate. Reason unknown. She said everything was piled up on the beach, waiting to be hauled to some as yet unknown location. We were welcome to drop off our bottles and take a look around. So we did.

The lovely little island that I reported on earlier had now turned into this.

I was dismayed and disillusioned with it. It had turned into a piece of floating crap. Except it really wasn't floating. It was grounded. It looked worse in person. It wasn't helped by the stench coming from the beach. It looked like a failed Boy Scout experiment.
I don't know what happened. Did the dream turn sour? Did he misplace his original plans? It was all just so sad and so unexpected. I wish he had been there to talk to. Except for the girl who was on her way out, we didn't see another person around.
Sitting on the shore, perhaps also waiting to be demolished and transported was the porta-potty that they had built. Clever little arrangement, except what was at the bottom of that hole? A bucket? A hole in the sand? Don't know and didn't care to take a little peek to find out either.

The location on the west side of the island does have a nice view to Cancun though.

The beach itself over there is a mess. Lots of turtle grass rotting in the sun, creating its' own form of stench. It was not a pleasant sight or smell over there that day.

Actually, most of the beach areas on this side of the island look like this. There are a few little treasure spots, but most look like this.

I hope he is able to find a better spot to continue to pursue his dream. And I hope that he cleans up the island that he is working on. No tourist is going to want to stay on that thing for any length of time as it is. I'll give it a few weeks and then try to find where he has moved to, if anyplace, and see if I can figure out what has happened.

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PhunkyPhreak said...

Have you visited the plastic island again? Is it located on Isla Mujeres? If so, where? :)
very curious about this, as I think it is a great idea!