Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

We worked like dogs around here last Saturday, getting some neglected projects done. Nothing big. I mowed the cabana yard and the piece in front of it which we are trying to turn into yard. B spent over an hour in the cabana deep cleaning it. Things that Ofelia never thinks to do, like scrubbing the interior of the microwave. L pulled limbs down from the coconut palm in the backyard. That is always fun. Tons of debris and big red ants come showering down.

We rewarded ourselves by declaring Sunday a free day. We lazed around most of the morning. L made some "chill-out" CD's to take to Ivan, the owner of Aluxes Coffee Shop. Ivan and his wife, Jenny, (also a Minnesotan!) were out for dinner this past week and Ivan really liked the music L was playing. Thus the surprise CD's. We dropped those off and headed for the beach for a couple of hours.

We had made sandwiches to take so we had lunch on the beach. It was surprisingly uncrowded for a Sunday. I think because the Nabalam has put those beds out and now they have "planted" palapa trees with chairs for rent next to their wall. They have effectively driven the locals away. No local is going to pay to rent a chair in the shade. Reverse discrimination at work.

We did see Yaron and Leor, the owners of Olivia's. We chatted with them briefly. Otherwise there were only maybe 3 other tourists on the beach. And it was hot. In fact, the sand felt almost hot to walk on. Something that rarely happens here except in the deepest part of August. We were only at the beach a little over two hours and guess what? I sunburned my back! I can't believe it. And I thought I was pretty tan. Spent a horrible night last night, let me tell you!

Steve is back from his cruise. He has started writing about that. He is a great writer so you should scurry over there and catch up. He used a line yesterday that I love. I'm sure many of you can identify with it. He said "Flying is the penance we pay for a fun vacation." How true.

My friend Rose leaves this Thursday to go back to San Antonio for awhile. Sure will miss her.

Carlos, our friend who is a waiter at Adelita's, stopped by yesterday. He was the waiter at the Friday night venue of the Blowout. He had left last Monday for Vancouver for three months. Appears Canada would not let him in. He got through Immigration just fine but was stopped at Customs. They thought he was from the Philippines, traveling on forged documents! They made him sing the Mexican national anthem three times! He was interrogated in a little room at the airport for 8 hours! Then they moved him to a cell for two days, fed him sandwiches and coffee and then sent him packing back to Mexico. He had been saving his money for months for this trip. Now all gone. For nothing. Sad.

Tomorrow I will be posting my thoughts on organizing the Blogger Blowout. Later this week I will be sharing photos of what my house looks like as a prison! Plus some other surprises I'm sure. So, as Mr. Calypso would say.......stay tuned!


Steve Cotton said...

Well, sir, I am blushing at all that praise. It is good to be back in the writing saddle, though. Tomorrow's post is going to be rate GP.

Steve Cotton said...

I, of course, meant "PG". That klets you know how often I get to the movies these days.