Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Sleepless Night

Raise your hand if you can guess who did not get much sleep last night. If you guessed me, you are right. Every "foreign" sound had me up and peering cautiously out the windows, sneaking from window to window. Of course, nothing out of the unusual happened. I hate this loss of feeling secure and/or safe in my own home. Monday night only proved that our house is secure if people don't want to make any noise entering. If we had not been home it would have been quite another story, I'm sure. Of course, the alarm would have been activated were that the case.

Several people have commented that I should get a dog. Man, I would love to do that. I miss not having a dog. Sorry Simon the Simonese cat, I love you very much but you are not a dog. Even though you try to act like one! (insert gratuitous picture of cats here)

There are several problems with getting a dog. I would never want just a "watch dog". I would want a family member. One that also licks people and says "Ya wanna come in? Yeah, go for it! I could use the attention since I am such an attention grabbing thing." I want a dog that loves people, any people. One that I could take across the street to the beach, let run loose and beg me to throw sticks into the water for it. One that would rather just die than not be allowed to sleep on my bed with me. But who is going to take care of this dog when we travel? And we travel a lot. It would not be fair to leave it behind all the time. And then there is the decision to make of small dog vs. big dog. Maybe one of each? (I just heard a collective NO! coming from somewhere in the house!) And we do not have a fenced yard for it to play in and do its' "business". Sure we have the patio areas, which are quite large by Mexican standards, but should a dog live its' life mostly on cement? Would it even care? I guess a dog is not seriously in our future plans for now. Ok, enough of that for now. In other news..........

I'm not liking the long range forecast for this weekend. Calls for PM rain on Friday. We should be ok since the venue for the meeting on Friday is indoors, safely away from the rain. Saturday, the day of the golf cart tour and probably a lot of beach lounging, is supposed to be sunny and clear. Which means HOT! One of Saturday nights venues is right on the beach, I literally mean we will be sitting at tables on the sand, so it better not rain!

Time to really start the day now so I will end with thanking everybody for their comments about the 11th time and their suggestions. I appreciate it immensely.


heather said...

Hi Wayne, I realized that in my haste to try to "help" you with a suggestion, I totally failed to tell you how sorry I am that you've had to go through a break-in yet again. I'm SO SORRY and hope you are able to sleep better tonight.

Anonymous said...

wayne, about every year I go away for a week . We could swap ? I could take care of your dog and u could take care of mine for the time we are awat ? Let me know if you are interested.

Theresa said...

Being robbed is awful, it's scary, it's too bad that it has happened to you. I think a small yappy dog is sometimes better than a big dog. I don't mean obnoxiously yappy, but one who is into protecting the territory.
The advantage to a really small dog is that they travel well and you can take them on the plane (inside the cabin) if you travel.
Our dog is medium size but he has a "big sounding" bark.

Elaine said...

Why don't you set your alarm every night even when you are home? Everyone I know, myself included set ours when retiring.
Elaine in Canada