Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Am So Angry Right Now!!!

Ok, you say, what has Wayne angry this time? Try this: Last night, while we were asleep in our beds, somebody tried to break into our home. Knowing that there were people inside! They tried to get into the cabana where guests were sleeping also. This scares me big time too because you know that these people are going to be armed and ready for any kind of confrontation they may encounter from the occupants. Think sharp machete.

Suffice it to say that they did not get in but we spent today running around to find repair people to fix the slashed screens, bent door frames, etc, ad nauseum. I am sick to death of this. This is the 11th time in 13 months that somebody has either broken into our house or tried to break in. I heard today that these occupied dwelling break ins have been happening all around the south end of the island...where the majority of the gringos live.

I wasn't going to report it to the police because they do NOTHING. But I saw a police car driving by while outside talking to the neighbor and I flagged him down. I showed him the damages and told him what had transpired. He just shrugged his shoulders and gave me the number to call if anything else happened. Oh. I could go directly to the police station and tell them too. From past experience, I know how fruitless that is!

So now we are taking steps to turn our beautiful (we think) home into a prison. The fun in paradise just never stops.


RiverGirl said...

There's too big a spread between rich and poor in too small a space on Isla Mujeres.

We have never had a single problem here in Cancun. But our house looks slightly nicer than the one to the left of it and the one to the right is slightly nicer than ours. Point being we look like we have the same level of life, stuff, money, etc as our neighbors do.

You've got to hide your wealth in Mexico, don't drive a nicer car than the neighbors and don't live next to someone in a shack. If you match the neighbors they don't break in.

Sounds like you need some big loud dogs! I hope this stops soon Wayne!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you:( again. I'm the girl w/ the dalmation just around the corner. I would highly recommend getting a dog. I hope this does not happen again to your house or the cabana.
I'm so so sorry for you:(

Mexico Way said...

Sorry to hear about that Wayne. Perhaps you will feel safer with the bars up. I know it's ugly but by the 11th time it's necessary.

Hopefully this will be the last of it!

Anonymous said...

This really is terrible. We also own propery in the south end of isla, and have had property damage also, hopefully something will be done before someone gets hurt. The violation of feeling safe in your own home is tragic. Love reading your blogs.

heather said...

I know you've said before that you don't want to get a dog just for security, but you seem like an animal lover and a responsible person, so a dog might not be a bad idea for you. My friends have a Pet Shelter here in Playa del Carmen, www.playadelcarmenpets.com ; if you change your mind, I'm happy to take you there to consider adoption.

Anonymous said...

These breakins of inhabited residences have been going on for a long time. It recalls the murder that took place a few years ago in one of the tourist hotels in the center of the island. what happened to your alarm system.?

get a mean dog.

el oso

Kelly said...

Eleven times? Holy crap. Thats scary. We've only had one, and that was when the house was vacent.

It breaks my heart that this is happening on Isla.

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear that this has happened to you yet again.

Anonymous said...


Hollito said...


just came back from holidays on sunday evening and am very sorry to read about this. I can understand you are angry and sad. It´s a shame the police is completely useless on the isla, as this is a rather small area.
I hope things will get better soon for you in this matter.