Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Frustrating, To Say The Least

My frustration level has almost hit the breaking point. I'm trying to get this Blogger Meeting put together and it is getting to be crunch time. It's time for people to be giving me choices of meals, number of people who will actually be eating, that sort of thing. And I can't even get all of the registered attendees to communicate with me. After what happened today, I am no longer going to go out of my way to contact people who don't respond. Just briefly....

One of the people who registered and then disappeared is this ChicagoTom and his wife. He has a blog that is hosted on another site, not Blogger. He has no email listed and evidently doesn't read his comments. In order to contact him, you must send a private message. But first you have to register with the host site. Ok, I can do that.

Except I can't. I registered, filled out all the information and waited for administrator approval. It came through rather quickly and I hit REPLY to the email I got. Here's the email I sent:

Are you Chicago Tom? If so, do you still plan on attending the blogger meeting on Isla? Would you like me to reserve you a room at the Hotel Carmelina? Ceiling fan........300 pesos per night Air Conditioning.....450 pesos per night Please let me know ASAP. Thanks. Wayne (Islagringo)
Here's the answer I got back:


No, I'm not Chicago Tom, I'm Iowa Bob, the guy who owns (website name deleted by me to protect his privacy) If you are using my board to harvest email addys to try to sell hotelrooms or anything else -- you'll no longer find yourself to be welcome onmy website.

Got it?


Although I found it rude and quite the over reaction, I chose to just ignore it and I went back to the blog of ChicagoTom and tried to log on to send him a message. Guess what? My newly created user account is invalid!

So I'm done. ChicagoTom, if you are reading this, I am not and cannot include you in any of the reservations, meals or activities for this meeting. Not unless you contact me on your own by Friday, April 4. Sorry about that but there is just no way I can contact you and I'm no longer going to try.

Same with Tom and Deb Kuhn of Deb in Merida. Friday is your last chance to be included. Sorry if this sounds hardass, but I have to draw the line somewhere if the rest of us are going to move on and make this thing happen.


Mexico Way said...

Welp. My opinion is that this is suppose to be for fun and if someone doesn't respond or give you an answer, you certainly don't have to nor should you feel obligated to chase them down. If people are interested they will contact you.

In saying that I know nothing of choices of meals. I did not get an email requesting anything of the sort so I'm a little confused here.

I did respond and tell you I would not be spending the night on Isla but thats all. No meals mentioned in any email since the first one requesting info on staying the night.

Again, this is suppose to be fun and if people aren't interested in responding, too bad for them.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why I felt I should get involved but I PMd Chicago Tom to tell him you're trying to reach him. Hope you get a response. Island Nana

wayne said...

MexicoWay: I totally agree and am proceeding with the people I have.

Island Nana: thank you for stepping in. I can't believe how rude this IowaBob was. Who could have construed my email as a phishing expedition?! Hope I hear from ChicagoTom, but if not, then not.

Jonna said...

hmmm... I didn't get anything about meals either. I want to eat though, I'll eat wherever everyone else is eating and whenever too, probably even whatever! Or, I'll find something to eat. Don't worry Wayne, it will all work out and we don't want you stressed. I think we need to worry more about getting Wayne lots of Happy Drinks! With enough Happy Drinks, everything comes into perspective.

Jonna said...

Oh, and I will call Tom and Debbie and Theresa because I think they are all coming and they are wonderful people, we don't want to miss them. Theresa said she answered your email but didn't hear back about the room.

RiverGirl said...

I've met Chicago Tom, nice chap. He's just bought a house in Cancun.

Like Mexico Way said I'll not be spending the night on the island either. But will be bringing Husbandito to dinner on Friday night.

tacogirl said...

Thanks for all your hard work Wayne, the tacos are very much looking forward to this event.

heather said...

I'm looking forward to it, too...and you're doing a great job. Don't stress too much, I think we're all a pretty laid back bunch.

minshap said...

I thought this was such a good idea when I first read about it, but unfortunately, mid-april is not a time I can manage for a trip to IM. There's gotta be a next time though, and I propose that it be during a really big "puente" weekend like the one we're getting this May (a five-dayer from Thurs. May 1 to Monday May 5)! But hope it can be on IM again because as you well know, it's paradise and definitely the BEST place for this kind of thing, economically, visually, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and socially speaking... Here's to the next one! And I'll be following up on the events so i can report something about it hopefully in our school magazine.