Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

I tried to upload a movie for you today but Blogger just won't cooperate. I could go load it onto YouTube and transfer, but I'm too lazy! Speaking of Blogger, does anybody else have a problem between the spacing in your draft and what the finished, published product looks like? Or is it just me? If I take out all those extra spaces Blogger puts in, I have no break between paragraphs. If I don't, there are like a zillion blank lines between paragraphs.

I'm loving my new camera. It is just a teensy bit bigger than my old one but much lighter. Go figure. It still fits in the pocket of Cargo shorts with room to spare though. I can't wait for the total eclipse tomorrow night. I will definately be outside watching it and, hopefully, getting some good shots of it! I would love to see what the rest of you are able to do with it. Send me a copy of the best pic you take of it via email and I would be happy to post them here. Include whatever name you want me to use to give your photo credit though.

There is a bad, bad bug going around the island right now. It seems that whenever we get a large influx of tourists, everybody on the island contracts something. Like when the explorers used to dessimate entire populations with smallpox and such. This time around it is a flu-like thing. Headaches, fever, stomach ache, cough, endlessly watering eyes and runny nose. My poor friend R from Toronto has contracted it and is very sick. What a way to spend a vacation.

At least the weather has been super. Just perfect tropical weather. Sunny skies, highs in the mid-80's (28-30C), slight breeze. Evenings are warm with a breeze for great sleeping temperatures. I even went to the beach for a few hours last Saturday. Browning up like a little berry again, I am.

Last week I had to take the car to the mechanic again. Nothing major. I thought I was going to be driving to Merida so I wanted the oil changed, belts checked, filters replaced. (insert mechanical talk here, I can't think of anymore terms right now!) It sounded and drove great as I pulled away. Next morning that same old noise I hear all the time was back and I was suffering from no acceleration power again. I have to have good acceleration in order to get around the hordes of golf carts safely. That is to say, before the taxi that is going 80 KMH in a 40 KMH zone and heading right for me hits me head-on. We practice duck and dive driving here. At any rate, I tried three times to get it back in to check out that noise. Fourth time was a charm and he was able to fit me in. He couldn't find anything wrong but acknowledged the tapping noise. So right now I am following his directions. I filled the gas tank to half full and put two bottles of Fuel Injector cleaner in the tank. It seems to be working because I don't hear that tapping noise anymore and I am driving like a Daytona 500 driver again. So I'm happy.

Just a note about yesterday's pictures. The pink coffee service is actually stark white. We were sitting under a red Coke umbrella and it reflected pink on the service. I wanted to leave the pictures exactly as the camera saw them so I did not mess with it. Same with the cappaccino foam. Did anybody notice it was pink too?

Just one more thing. I get a lot of comments and emails from people who have visited here. Not surprised by that really. If anybody wants to send me a copy or two of their favorite la Isla vacation photo, be my guest. I will publish them here in a special edition post.

Time to shower and get ready for the day and whatever stresses it may hold!


Anonymous said...

Replace your oxygen sensor.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I have the same spacing problem with Blogger. It drives me nuts. The default spaces seem far too big. But the short paragraphs are certainly easy to read that way.

Yes. I did notice the pink foam, but you fooled me on the coffee service. I thought you were at some retro cafe in South Beach.