Monday, January 28, 2008

Wooing Voters and Coming Up

We are in the heat of our election campaigns here for Mayor. Saturday night one of the candidates hosted a dinner for waiters and their families. Our friend Carlos could not attend due to work committments, but he sent Rose as his proxy. Rose reported that:

The menu at a local seafood restaurant included: hors d'oeuvres were plates of Pringles potato chips and platters of Ritz crackers surrounding a mound of cold mashed potatos. Main course was a cold Cordon Bleu served with a side of cold beans and cold spaghetti. What was with all the cold food???

Each waiter was given a number upon arrival. Matching numbers were later drawn and door prizes given. They included a toaster, a DVD player, a blender, an iron and a waffle maker. Some of the waiters arrived too late to get a number for the drawing. These people, and anybody who did not win something, were each given a new, crisp 500 peso note. That's about $50 just for attending. I leave you to decide if votes were bought.

Yesterday we attended a semi-surprise birthday party for our good friend, P. Not sure how old she is now but that is not important. Her heart, mind and spirit are still young. Only her closest friends were there. She hates having a fuss made. Too bad!

Coming up this week:

Karneval 2008. Ash Wednesday is Feb 6 this year. Karneval should have started on the Thursday before this and ended on Feb 5, Fat Tuesday. Because of the elections and the no drinking ban that goes into effect, it was decided to move Karneval dates this year. We are in the midst of it here right now.

Another Featuring article.

More Mexico Shots.

So stay in touch. I'm sure there will be some unplanned posts too!

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