Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Revolution Day on the Island

The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was in effect a civil war. I'm not going to go into the history of it here. Wikipedia does a much better job of explaining it if you really want to go into depth about it. Just know that it is a very important day here and is celebrated throughout the country.

Here on the island it is no different. There is a large parade which is traditionally dominated by the school children. They spend weeks rehearsing and getting their costumes ready. Here is my take on the parade. (click any picture to enlarge. Especially the kids)

Naturally, every parade needs a reviewing stand and a panel of judges. Ours included our Mayoress, the lady in pale green, and the Admiral of the Naval Base here, on the far right.

First up were the Senior Citizens. They are the only non-children group. I love these gals. They are so energetic and actually do a couple of dance numbers. They are never in step with each other but they sure have a good time. They are always a crowd pleaser.

One of many golf carts decorated in the colors of the Mexican flag. As you will see, almost all of the costumes contained red, green and white. Most of these golf carts had speakers as big as my car on the back of them blasting out music.

Aren't they cute? A mixture of stuff going on here but mostly miniature Mariachi singers.

There was some intricate dancing going on too. These girls kept wrapping and unwrapping these scarves as part of their presentation. They really knew what they were doing.

This was my second favorite group of kids. Trust me here folks. I am not one to oooh and aaah over the cuteness of babies and children. Mostly I believe they should be seen and not heard and aren't really all that much good for anything until they are old enough to do stuff for you. Like go get me another beer. That sort of thing. Anyway, this group of kids was so adorable I almost melted on the spot. Couldn't you just give them each a big hug!

Gymnastics were popular this year. Lots of pyramid building and tumbling.

They even had a group of wannabe roller skaters. Only two out of every three fell down while trying to negotiate these cones.

Ok, here comes my favorite group. They were a great crowd pleaser. Look at the work that went into these costumes. I absolutely loved them.

I didn't realize that there were so many school kids on the island. There must have been thousands of them yesterday. Lots and lots of dance troupes.

Shake those pom-poms!

All in all in was a very enjoyable experience and I am so glad I went. Except for the scooter incident of course.


Brenda said...

Here after the parade all of the cheerleader troups from all over had a competition. They would be so tired after walking the long parade route and then have to go into the competition a couple of hours later. Good thing they are young and have lots of energy.

Anonymous said...

i can see why that one group was your favorite-great costumes!

by the way, thanks for the date of the pix of your remodel. i had looked at them before but it had been a while and i'd forgotten. i love the bathroom! and your living area looks so much better-what a big difference!

Happy Thanksgiving! anyone cooking pavo?

take care,